Top 10 Fintech Companies in Hyderabad

Fintech Companies in Hyderabad
Fintech Companies in Hyderabad

What Is Financial Technology – Fintech?

Financial technology (Fintech) is utilized to depict new tech that tries to improve and computerize the conveyance and utilization of monetary administrations. ​​​At its center, fintech is used to help organizations, entrepreneurs and purchasers better deal with their monetary activities, cycles, and lives by using specific programming and calculations that are utilized on PCs and, progressively, cell phones. Fintech, the word, is a mix of “financial technology”. In this article we will list the Top 10 Fintech Companies in Hyderabad.

When fintech arose in the 21st Century, the term was at first applied to the innovation utilized at the back-end frameworks of set up monetary foundations. ​Since then, at that point, in any case, there has been a shift to more buyer arranged administrations and hence a more shopper situated definition. Fintech currently incorporates various areas and businesses, for example, instruction, retail banking, raising money and charity, and venture the board to give some examples. Top 10 Fintech Companies in Hyderabad .

Top 10 Fintech Companies in Hyderabad :

Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services

IFTAS - Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services | LinkedIn

Indian Financial Technology and Allied Services (IFTAS) is a completely possessed auxiliary of the Reserve Bank of India, that plans, sends and gives the fundamental IT-related administrations, needed by the Reserve Bank of India, banks, and monetary organizations.

Our lead installment items and administrations are a basic piece of India’s monetary foundation, associating banking and monetary establishments the nation over, dependably and safely.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Services :
  • Indian Financial Network (INFINET)-membership-only Closed User Group (CUG)
  • Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS)
  • Indian Banking Community Cloud (IBCC)
  • Learning Management Solution(LMS)
  • Contact no : +91 22-62926000
  • Address : NCC Building, Survey No: 64 Durgam Cheru, Madhapur, Telangana 500081

Jocata Financial Advisory & Technology :


Our name Jocata and our logo of birds flying in a V are motivated by the logical name of a bird. Similarly as this development assists birds with saving energy and lessen weariness over significant distances and through consistently evolving conditions, we seek to help monetary organizations run all the more easily by decreasing overhead, robotizing processes and guaranteeing consistency with progressively requesting customer needs and convoluted administrative prerequisites.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Services :
  • BUSINESS-We support your Retail and MSME/SME book development through continuous information securing across inward and outer sources, brilliant endorsing and top tier client experience.
  • RISK- We convey constant noteworthy experiences, running pertinent client data through your on-boarding and credit approaches designed on the stage.
  • OPERATIONS- Our configurable work process motor brings all vital functional partners onto one remarkable virtual stage for proficient administration and checking of business processes.
  • COMPLIANCE- Our AI-based investigation motor aides you hazard sort clients, yet in addition screen for and report possibly dubious monetary action including illegal tax avoidance and constant misrepresentation.
  • Contact no : +91 95050 38567
  • Address : 1623, Anand Banjara Colony, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500873
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Landmark IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Landmark IT Solutions | LinkedIn

Mixing individuals‘ requirements with creative business potential is vital to our prosperity .The World Wide Web has favored innovative humankind with a mechanical in addition to social transformation with a colossal expertise to associate and learn at a fast pace.

With each dawn, billions of clients awaken to get to the web for fluctuating reasons for existing be it email, research, video real time, carrying on with work or social connection. They are knowledgeable in making a decision about an association’s believability through its nature of content, convenience and obvious appearance.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad

  • Service :
  • Grabon
  • fashion lady
  • smarttouch
  • Sellers  Commerce
  • Contact no : 040 3249 7070
  • Address : Krishe Sapphire, 6th Floor, Mega Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

CreditVidya – Hyderabad

Reimagining credit underwriting

Engineer of a monetary information innovation stage intended to give loan specialists credit data. The organization’s foundation utilizes modern information sources, for example, informal organizations, email and online retail spends to offer FICO assessments, empowering banks to diminish credit misfortunes and settle on beneficial choices.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Services :
  • EVE
  • Contact no : 040 4852 1334
  • Address : 2nd Floor, Block 2, My Home Hub, Hitech City Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

Karvy Data Management Services Limited

Catalogue - Karvy Data Management Services Ltd in Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad -  Justdial

One portentous evening in the mid year of 1982, 5 youngsters who worked for a famous contracted bookkeeping firm concluded that it was time they struck out all alone to make a venture that would some time or another become a notorious name in the monetary administrations space.They came from common working class foundations. They had two resources; one was their schooling and the other a ravenous craving to succeed.

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They had a ton stacked against them: the climate was not helpful for business venture; innovation was not completely steady, monetary business sectors were to a great extent unregulated, they were based out of Hyderabad while most central members in the monetary world were in Mumbai or different metros and the wolf was at the entryway. The chances appeared to be inconceivable.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Services :
  • Equity Broking Services
  • Depository Participant Services
  • Distribution of Financial Products
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Wealth Management Services
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Contact no : 1800 419 8283
  • Address : Raghuram Apartments, 16, Street Number 1, opposite Tirumala Towers, Palton, Judges Colony, Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500036

OXYLOANS – Personal Loans and P2P Lending in Hyderabad :

Peer-to-Peer Lending | Personal Loans | Technology Loans | SME Loans | Peer  to peer lending, Personal loans, Financial institutions

OxyLoans.com is a progressive FinTech stage. We urge Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2PL) and Peer-to-Peer Investing (P2PI).We welcome Tax Paying Individuals, HNIS as Lenders. We empower bank, Investor trade reserves straightforwardly with Borrowers. Our restrictive calculations incorporate Credit Scoring, Underwriting and Agreement Preparation.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Service :
  • Contact no : 040 4853 0745
  • Address : 1st Floor, Plot No. 287, MIG/2, K P H B Phase 9, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Teqsar Pvt Ltd :

Teqsar | LinkedIn

We are an enthusiastic gathering of issue solvers, technologists, planners, architects, information researchers, and monetary administrations experts determined to bring banking, installments, and trade to the advanced and portable age.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Services :
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • RPA & Bionic Workforce
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Connected Devices
  • Telematics and Location Intelligence
  • Cloud-native SaaS
  • Address : Unit# 501 Maple Celestia Plot# 49, Jayabheri Enclave, Gachibowli, Telangana 500032

Capital Float :

Capital Float will lend to small businesses and kiranas - The Economic Times

Established in 2013 by Gaurav Hinduja and Sashank Rishyasringa, Capital Float is the main Fintech moneylender to computerized India. From financing the unique development of the SMEs to offering inventive retail location financing for purchasers, we are driving the charge in tending to the country’s colossal credit issue.one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Service : 
  • Business finance
  • Consumer finance
  • Online Checkout Finance
  • Contact no : 1860 419 0999
  • Address : 4th Floor, S B Towers, 6-3-354, Rd Number 1, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
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PeerLend India : 

PeerLend - connecting lenders and borrowers - Start-Up Hyderabad

Peer- to-peer lending or P2P lending is quickly acquiring fame. These loaning stages, likewise called as ‘social loaning’ or ‘group loaning’, are planned such that they are beneficial to the two banks and borrowers and are driven by creative, state of the art advanced innovation so they can execute easily, comfort, and tranquility of mind.Peer-to-peer loaning or P2P lending is quick acquiring notoriety. one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

These loaning stages, likewise called as ‘social loaning’ or ‘group loaning’, are planned such that they are beneficial to the two money lenders and borrowers and are driven by inventive, state of the art advanced innovation so they can execute effortlessly, comfort, and true serenity.

  • Contact no : 040 2354 6575
  • Address : #101, Zareena Plaza, Plot no.A-24, Journalist colony,, Road Number 70, Jubilee hills,, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

KFintech Pvt Ltd :

Kfintech logo

KFin is the country’s biggest coordinated arrangements and administrations supplier for Investor and Issuer administrations giving an exhaustive cluster of monetary innovation arrangements across an expansive range of resource classes crossing Mutual assets, Alternatives, ETFs, Insurance and Pensions.

“Our main goal is to be an advancement driven band together with Phygital play. We intend to accomplish this by building an association of a gifted and venturesome labor force driven by innovation and zeroing in on customer esteem creation.”one of the top 10 Fintech companies in Hyderabad.

  • Service : 
  • Distributor Services 
  • Channel Partner Services
  • Mutual Fund Investors
  • Korp Connect
  • RIA Services
  • AIF Investors
  • AMC Services
  • Financial Services
  • Contact no : 040 6716 2222
  • Address : Tower – B, Plot No 31 & 32, Selenium Building Financial District, Nanakramguda, Gachibowli, Telangana 500032


What is the number one fintech company?

  • Stripe

What are typical challenges encountered by Fintech companies?

  • Challenges that Fintech Industry Faces :
  • Data Security.
  • Compliance with Government Regulations. 
  • Lack of Mobile and Tech Expertise.
  • Big Data and AI Integration.
  • Blockchain Integration.
  • User Retention and User Experience.
  • Effective Marketing Tactics to Acquire Customers.
  • Personalized Services.

Who regulates fintech companies in India?

  • The RBI.