Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada [Updated List]

Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada [Updated List]

This post was most recently updated on May 16th, 2023

Are you wondering what menu prices Firehouse Subs offers in Canada? Well, look no further! Firehouse Subs has been a beloved fast food staple for years, offering customers high-quality subs with fresh ingredients and prompt service. Whether you’re looking for an old classic or trying something new on their expansive menu, we have all the information you need about the Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada. Read on to learn exactly how much it’ll cost you to dine at this popular sub shop!

A Brief History of Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs is an American restaurant chain specializing in hot subs. The company was founded in 1994 by brothers Robin and Chris Sorensen, who opened the first store in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, Firehouse Subs has become one of the largest sandwich chains in the United States, with over 1,150 locations across 44 states and 3 countries.

In 2009, Don M. Fox became CEO of Firehouse Subs and has since worked to expand the chain internationally and improve its presence within North America. Through Fox’s efforts, Firehouse Subs has become a well-recognized brand known for its quality ingredients and commitment to community service. 

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In addition to serving delicious subs, Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada also helps to fight hunger through its “Round Up” program, which allows customers to donate their change to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The foundation supports first responders and public safety organizations worldwide, providing grants for lifesaving equipment and services.

Firehouse Subs Locations – Where to find them

Firehouse Subs locations can be found throughout the United States. The company has over 1,210 restaurants in 46 states, and they also have a presence in Puerto Rico, Canada, and non-traditional locations such as airports, stadiums, military bases, and universities.

The most popular Firehouse Subs location is their flagship store on East Colonial Drive in Orlando, Florida; this restaurant is the first ever opened by the Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada founders. Other notable locations include:

  • The original location of Firehouse Subs is in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
  • Their Harvard Square store is near Boston University.
  • Their location in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, overlooks the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada

Featured Subs

Menu Item [Firehouse Subs Menu Prices]Price
Club on a Sub™, Large (11-12 inch)CAN$ 19.8
Club on a Sub™, Medium (7-8 inch)CAN$ 14.5
Pepperoni Pizza Meatball, Large (11-12 inch)CAN$ 19.75
Pepperoni Pizza Meatball, Medium (7-8 inch)CAN$ 12.5

Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada

Menu Item [Firehouse Subs Menu]Price
Hook & Ladder® , Large (11-12 inch)CAN$ 18.5
Hook & Ladder® , Medium (7-8 inch)CAN$ 13.5
Firehouse Subs Menu PricesPDF
Firehouse Subs Menu PdfPDF

The Firehouse Subs Experience – What to Expect when you arrive

You can expect friendly and efficient service when you arrive at a Firehouse Subs Menu Prices in Canada restaurant. The team ensures your dining experience is as enjoyable as possible. They will greet you with a warm and welcoming smile from the moment you walk in the door. You’ll be asked to provide information about your order and be offered suggestions from the menu if needed.

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Once your order has been placed, it will be prepared quickly by one of our talented chefs using only the freshest ingredients. While waiting for your food to finish cooking, relax and enjoy our spacious dining area or use our free Wi-Fi connection.

Nutrition Facts: Look closer at the nutrition information for Firehouse Subs’ most popular subs

Firehouse Subs offers some truly delicious subs, but how do they stack up in nutrition? Let’s look at the nutritional facts of their most popular sandwiches.

The Hook & Ladder Sandwich is one of Firehouse Subs’ most iconic subs. It features smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack cheese with a special blend of herbs and spices on an Italian roll. While its tempting taste may salivate you, its nutritional information can be eye-opening. One serving size (3oz) contains 290 calories, 880mg sodium, and 11g fat. Despite this high-calorie count, it provides important micronutrients like Vitamin A, C and Iron.

The Italian Sub is another classic choice from Firehouse Subs. This sandwich includes salami, pepperoni, smoked ham, melted provolone cheese and an Italian dressing on an Italian roll. One Sub serving provides 290 calories, 990mg of sodium and 11g of fat. It also contains Vitamins A and C and varying amounts of iron.


Does Firehouse Subs Have A Gluten-Free Menu?

Yes, Firehouse Subs does have a gluten-free menu. While not all their sandwiches are gluten-free, they offer several options that accommodate gluten-free and low-gluten diets. The sandwiches include the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket, Hook & Ladder®, and the New York Steamer®.

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Furthermore, those looking for gluten-free sides have several options, including tasty desserts such as the Cookies & Brownie Platter. Additionally, you can make any sandwich into a salad to eliminate bread!

Does Firehouse Subs delivery?

Firehouse Subs offers in-store pickup and delivery through third-party services like DoorDash or Grubhub. You can order a tasty gluten-free sandwich right to your doorstep and skip the line! So, Firehouse Subs has got you covered at home or on the go.

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