Tourism Guide and Things to do in Saudi Arabia

Tourism Guide and Things to do in Saudi Arabia

This post was most recently updated on May 16th, 2023

No doubt KSA is a historic and beautiful place to visit in your annual holidays, and these days traveling to Saudi Arabia is not very expensive. All you need is a good tourism guide and a short internet offer guide to enjoy your tour there.

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Some Historic Overviews

The second-largest city in Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of Jeddah, often called the Cemetery of Eve, is famous the world over. So infamous this tomb is, the city was named after the grandmother of humanity. Eve continues to be regarded as the mother of humankind, and Jeddah means Grandma in Arabic.

The tomb has been the subject of tales since it is believed to have been constructed no later than the 12th century, when Ibn Jubayr mentioned it in his travel diary. Eve Tomb is, obviously, one of the most well-known sites in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, some of the structure was destroyed by Prince Faisal, the Viceroy of Hejaz, in 1928.

The KSA prince wasn’t eager to promote idolatry, and the royal edict of 1335 prohibited it altogether. Nevertheless, the tomb in question is roughly 130 meters long, 3 meters high, and 6 meters wide. Moreover, the tomb even has its own mention in the original versions of the Thousand Nights and A Night.

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The ancient paradise located in the Bidah Valley in western Saudi Arabia is no less than a World Heritage site. The stone houses in Bidah Village are lined with mountains on three sides almost to the present day, as the village was established in the 8th century CE.

It is only one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that Saudi Arabia can boast of, owing to the oldest tribal battle in the region in its past. This heritage village named after the local water spring is one of the best tourist sites in the area.

Known chiefly for its bananas, Kadi, basil, lemon, and palm, the Zee Ain Village neighborhood consists of 49 houses built on the Medamik honeycomb wall infrastructure. Among these 49 residences, nine have a single story, 19 have two stories, eleven have three stories, and ten have four stories.

Why You Should Consider Travelling to KSA

KSA  is one of the safest countries in the Mideast, with deftly low crime rates and no terrorism. Nevertheless, you will learn and abide by some customs in the country.

Laws about clothing as well as women, as noted, and regarding everything religious must also be adhered to, but as you progress further into the future, one easy thing is addition. There is a legal means for ladies to drive in the country, which should be considered.

Taste of Arabic cuisine is always a delight for visitors, and restaurants in smaller shops and snack bars in Saudi Arabia feature food typical of Arabic cuisine alongside foreign dishes.

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Beef, lamb, and often chicken are the most common barbecued meats, but pork is never eaten, as it violates Islamic law. The use of spices in Arab food has a long and traditional background, dating to Arab trade routes with other countries.

Saudis are very welcoming, especially if you’re respectful of the country in issue. The populace is eager to learn about the opinion of an individual on the Kingdom. Social associations are facilitated as of the time at work as compared with the average Saudi person you would be acquainted with in the urban area. The act of communicating in English is important even if not all that utilize it.

The Saudi Rial (SAR) is an official currency of Saudi Arabia. It has a fixed exchange rates with the US dollar. In the Kingdom, the smallest amounts can be paid in US dollars using bank cards, like American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, and in cash from ATMs using debit and credit cards.


If you want to see a different lifestyle and want to chill your life, travel to Saudi Arabi without wasting any time. Making memories in the Middle East is always a best thing to do for everyone. The peace and harmony there is waiting for you.

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