Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in India

Food Delivery Apps in India
Food Delivery Apps in India
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When you are fed up with your long busy hectic week you will plan for a break from all your duties and work. But how can you spend the day without your favorite meal when you have decided to take off from all your work? Well. At this point, the online food apps will make you feel about your favorite foods made by your mother. Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in India. Food Delivery Apps in India.

To fill your hunger, here we are presenting some pocket-friendly Top 10 Trending Food apps in this article. Keep reading.

What are food delivery apps? 

Food delivery apps are some free applications that will bring you your favorite meal from your local restaurant or café within one click. These apps are free to download from the Play Store on any Android or IOS phone. These apps track your location and then will show you the best restaurant options that are available in your home location. You need to choose your meal as per your choice and precede your order.

The payment section:

After posting your order they will show you some payment options such as cash in online, cash on delivery, payment with UPI or debit, or credit card. The safest way is to choose the cash-on-delivery option as it is safe for your money.

Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in India



The first food app that came to your first list is none other than ZOMATO. ZOMATO offers a huge range of all kinds of veg, non-veg, and different cuisines. Their food app presents you with delicious foods from the best local restaurants.

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This food app includes restaurant information, menus, photos, and reviews of foods to attract buyers. As a benefit, it is consuming your time to waste and gives your meal a complete home feeling.

website: zomato



Among the Zomato app, the SWIGGY food app is another blast for online food supply. Likewise, for the other food applications, SWIGGY also offered different food items along with veg and non-veg.

Their fast and reliable food delivery service brings your favorite meal to your door whenever whether it’s a late-night party or a private time.

website: swiggy


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_image source: bwhotelier.businessworld.

Coming to the third food app HOMEFOODi is a complete homemade food delivery app that is run by trusted home chefs. When there is a big question about the hygiene of the other foods, HOMEFOODI completely maintains the hygiene in their food section.

The best part of their food is that they include regional specialties and fusion dishes to make their food suit any taste and preference. Along with hygiene, they focus on their food quality, authenticity, and their customer satisfaction. Homemade food lovers make the Indian most popular food app.

website : homefoodi



After Swiggy and Zomato the EATSURE food app connect customers with popular restaurants by providing you your favorite food from your favorite restaurants to your doorstep.

Their wide food selection, different cuisines, and mouth-watering dishes make you increase your craving for their dish. Whether you have a little craving in your dinner, lunch, or snack do order to EATSURE to be sure of your food.

website : eatsure



Who doesn’t know about the name DOMINOZ? Dominoz has become the wide and leading food company that has been making mouthwatering pizza, burgers, tacos, and different snack items over time.

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Their 5-minute delivery service makes it a wide food delivery app in India. The soft, cheesy, meat topping margherita pizzas are the most ordered item of their food. Dominos promises to taste the world’s best pizzas all over India.

website: dominos

Biryani by Kilo

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_image source :

Are you falling in love with the taste of biriyani but don’t know how to make it? Doesn’t worry, The Biriyani by Kilo will bring a smile to your face sure. BIRIYAN by Kilo is a premium food delivery app that found the best biriyani from different regions in India. They find the best ingredients and highest quality ingredients to create biriyani that follow traditional recipes.

With their taste, quality, customer satisfaction, and service, the BIRYAN KILO has become one of the popular choices for biriyani lovers. Their available flavors of biriyani such as Hyderabadi biriyani, spicy luck now biriyani, and gourmet biriyani are some common and famous meals of this service.

website : biryanibykilo

Magic Pin


Another different food platform MAGIC PIN not only provides you with the best food from your best place but also ensures you get different benefits such, as cashback, discounts, and rewards for every purchase.

With this food app, foodies can taste an interesting taste. Mostly whatever you are finding whether it’s grocery or any fun activities, the MAGIC PIN will help you to save your money on the one hand and the other hand give you pocket-friendly deals.

website: magicpin

 Dunzo Food Delivery


After Zomato, Swiggy, and Dominoz the Dunzo food app is also another fast and reliable food service in India. They also offered a wide range of food options for both vegetarians and nonvegetarians.

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Dunzo is a perfect match for those who wish to try the best item from the local restaurant without visiting outside. Their first and most reliable service makes them popular in Bangalore and many metropolitan cities.

website: dunzo

Kfc India              


KFC chicken wings and drumsticks are the most mouthwatering and demanding combo all over the world. This food company is best recognized for its juicy chicken burgers, sides, and drumsticks.

Whenever you are in the mood to party with a big bite, without hesitation the KFC meal basket will blow your mind. Their service makes it more easy and comfortable anywhere at any time.

website: kfc



Last but not least; the IRCTC is an online food app that provides fresh, hot, and delicious food for travelers who like to travel by train.

They provide both veg and nonveg items with quality, and hygiene. This is the time to leave that unhygienic packed food and order from IRCTC to make your journey healthy and safe.

website: irctc

FAQ of Top Ten Food Apps in India

What is called a food app?

Food apps are a kind of application that helps to order food online without visiting outsides.

What is the Food app famous for?

Food apps are famous for bringing the best food in our choices from the local restaurants or markets without any hassle. 

Does the food app have any benefits?

Food apps decrease the waste of time.


After researching and finding about Top Ten best food app, we came to the conclusion that, among the all the HOMEFOODI food app is much safe and hygienic as they all are homemade foods. Also maintains a minimum hygiene according to others. 

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