Zomato: Case Study, Company Profile, Founding Team Members, And Many More

Zomato: Case Study, Company Profile, Founding Team Members, And Many More
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We are living in a world where the use of technology has become a necessity. During the pandemic, the rise of the e-commerce sector has opened the gates for many new online businesses. I am sure everyone must have feared ordering food and groceries from the online marketplaces. The companies have also suffered financially due to the sudden effect of the pandemic. Now that the conditions are improving, you all can satisfy your taste buds by placing an order for your favorite food items. So, in case you have uninstalled the Zomato App, reinstall it now and place your order now. Till then, let’s dive deeper and know all about the birth of the most successful food delivery application.


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Zomato is an Indian multinational food delivery company that came into existence in 2008. The company has its headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana, and offices in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. It also has offices in UAE, Sri Lanka, Qatar, UK, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. Gaurav Gupta (COO) and Deepinder Goyal (CEO) are the founders of the food delivery company. Pankaj Chaddah, Mohit Gupta, Akriti Chopra, and Gunjan Patidar are managing more than 5000+ employees.

The company is working under the joint ownership of Info Edge, Uber, Antfin Singapore, and Alipay Singapore and is offering services in 10000+ cities. The users can search for their favorite dish from any restaurant for home delivery or dine-in purpose. It also specializes in collecting valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement to all the restaurants. The company also emphasizes using high-quality ingredients and maintaining the best hygiene standards. Since its existence, Zomato has acquired companies like Gastronauci, Urbanspoon, Zomato, Sparse Labs, TongueStun, Grofers, Uber Eats, and TechEagle Innovations.


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The users can download the Zomato application from App Store and Google Play Store. It is compulsory to register your name, mobile number, email address, current location, and delivery address. Once you agree to Zomato’s terms of service, privacy policy, and content policy, you will enter its home page. The application is accessible in 12 languages, including English and Hindi, and has a search bar accepting cuisine and restaurant names. Users can shop for supplements regarding fitness, stress, digestion, weight loss, immunity, bones, beauty & skincare.

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Zomato App is user-friendly and has filters for easy access like popularity, cuisines, ratings, delivery time, and cost per person. It offers cuisines like Biryani, Chinese, Burger, Desserts, Gujarati, Fast Food, Continental, Pizza, Kebab, Salad, Panini, and Ice Cream. It also provides Finger Food, Charcoal Chicken, North Indian, Sandwiches, Seafood, Wraps, Roast Chicken, and South Indian. The customers can also search from various tags like cuisines near me, dessert parlors near me, dhabas near me, food courts near me, sweet shops near me, and casual dining places.


Zomato has a competent team of more than 5000 delivery persons who provide food delivery services in 24 countries. The safety, security, and good health of the employees are the responsibility of the company. It offers employee benefits like parental leave, medical coverage, period leave, foods & snacks, In-office Crèche, and In-office Psychiatrist team. Now let us dive deeper into the employee benefits and know what more it covers.

The parental leave policy is a 26 week paid leave for both men and women employees. It is beneficial for all parents opting for surrogacy and adoption. Every non-birthing parent and same-sex partner can also avail the benefits of the parental leave policy. The duration of parental leave varies from one country to the other. If the mandatory parental leave in any country is more than 26 weeks, then the regulations of that country will apply.

Zomato takes utmost care of the health of its female employees and ensures that they feel safe, secure, and comfortable during their working hours. The company offers 12 days of period leave in a year that the women can use during their menstrual cycle. It also provides medical insurance to all its employees if they don’t have any government insurance coverage. Zomato does not ask for any prior notice or impose a probation period on its employees.

The employees also have access to the pantry facilities to have food and snacks at a reasonable price. Zomato believes in creating a healthier and more stress-free environment for its employees. It has an experienced team of counselors and psychiatrists for checking on the mental stability of its employees. The company also provides various daycare facilities like an In-house Crèche for the employees with smaller kids.

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Zomato owns an EmojiOne license and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The company undertakes various CSR initiatives to eradicate hunger & poverty and promote education, health care, and sanitation. It also encourages gender equality, women empowerment, environmental sustainability, and resource conservation. The company also contributes to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) to help the minority and backward classes.

Zomato does not provide cutlery with its order to eliminate the use of plastic. It collaborates with designers, engineers, and product managers to improve the design system. It also emphasizes reducing search delays and food preparation time. The company also runs a tech community in Delhi called Huddle, which collects ratings and reviews from customers and restaurants. It also uses trending tags, a Figma design tool, and a UX feedback system to enhance the outlook of the application. The pre-ordering feature, self-pickup option, and live order tracking system are the highlights of the application.



Zomato ensures that customer’s personal information like name, address, location, and email address is safe with the company. The customers cannot upload inappropriate profile pictures, use flirtatious nicknames, and write a provocative bio. It also does not permit the users to write abusive and mean comments in the review section if the food does not meet their expectations. The comments targeting the race, gender, religion, or nationality of any person are unacceptable. Over exaggeration, false accusations, and spreading fake rumors may lead to permanent account deletion.

The reviews that any customer posts on the application must be minimum of 140 characters long. You are free to post pictures & videos and edit your experience anytime. The users cannot ask for any incentives, free meals, and cash rewards in exchange for reviews. You cannot use your status as a Zomato Blogger and Social Media influencer to receive cash reimbursements. Everyone needs to follow the terms and conditions to use the special facilities like Zomato Gold and Zomato Treats. If any illegal activity and health code violation come under the company’s notice, the consequences are severe.

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The restaurants associated with Zomato are also requested to keep their menus and price list up-to-date. They should not solicit negative reviews and encourage unhealthy competition among the delivery persons. The restaurant must accept its mistakes and avoid offering additional discounts based on personal relations with a customer. Zomato is liable to take strict actions against the restaurants failing to maintain proper hygiene standards. The employees working for Zomato also cannot take advantage of their position to receive free meals or incentives. 



Swiggy is one of the well-known online food ordering and delivery companies existing since 2014. Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini, and Sriharsha Majesty are the founders of the company. The company has its headquarters in Bangalore and is functioning under the ownership of Bundi Technologies Pvt Ltd. Since, its existence the company is providing its services in more than 300 cities all over India. Vivek Sunder, Dale Vaz, and Rahul Bothra are managing the food delivery company. Swiggy is one of the biggest competitors of Zomato and is working hard to find ways to defeat Zomato shortly.

Users can download the application from App Store and Google Play Store and also visit their official website. The company is partners with Burger King, Sodexo, Indifi Technologies, Google Local Guide, and ANRA Technologies. It has also launched Swiggy Money in partnership with ICICI Bank to facilitate online payments. The company expanded its business into delivering necessities under the name Swiggy Stores. In 2019, Swiggy launched the instant pickup/drop-off service called Swiggy Go. This facility allows customers to transfer food, parcel, laundry, and documents from one place to the other.


During the current pandemic situation, Zomato introduced contactless dining facilities by accepting online payments and door-step delivery. It also launched its grocery delivery service called Zomato Market that offers services in more than 80 cities all over India. In August, the company introduced a period leave of 12 days in a year for female employees during the menstrual cycle. Recently, the company has introduced the Har Customer Hai Celebrity Campaign. The campaign has attracted both praise and criticism from the public. What are your views on the recent initiative? Let me know in the comment section below.

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