From Farm to Fortunate: The Story of Sonsray CEO Matthew Hoelscher

From Farm to Fortunate: The Story of Sonsray CEO Matthew Hoelscher

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Success is just within reach for those who never give up and push their limits to the fullest. Just like Matthew Hoelscher, who reaped the fruits of his hard work, determination, and persistence that pays off, as evident in the story of Matthew and his journey from farm to fortune. Matthew Hoelscher, the founder and CEO of Sonsray, has come a long way from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Today, there are 33 Sonsray locations on the West Coast and East Coast stretching from the borders of Mexico to Canada in 5 states, proudly providing customers with world-class equipment and aftermarket support. Matthew remains the sole owner of Sonsray.

Passion Leads to Success

Born and raised in a world surrounded by heavy machinery, Hoelscher’s passion for hands-on work led him to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. With his expertise in the transportation industry and a natural vision to think big, he noticed an opportunity in refrigerated trailer rentals and founded Sonsray in 2009. With a name inspired by his children, the company quickly established 10 locations by 2010 and has continued to expand with the support of Sonsray Fleet Services.

Learned With Mistakes and Risks

While building his empire, Matthew learned the hard way about the power of accounting in making or breaking a company. Despite starting Sonsray with only 2 people in the accounting department, he gradually realizes the significance of the department and its role in driving growth. Through the challenges faced during switching to a new platform and acquiring new businesses, Matthew learned the importance of balancing good times with bad and embracing the lessons that come with growth.

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The Drive for Growth: Fueling the Success of Sonsray

Sonsray is a company driven by growth. The company’s aggressive expansion is not just about revenue but about staying in line with its values. Matthew is constantly looking for new investment opportunities and expanding the company’s reach, keeping the team motivated and striving for success. The company’s top priority is to support the construction, transportation, and agriculture industries by providing world-class equipment and customer service, contributing to their business success. Although the subsidiaries may differ, the initiatives are the foundation of sustaining life.

A Perfect Blend of Growth and Values

As the CEO of Sonsray, Matthew firmly believes in balancing growth and values. He looks up to successful figures such as Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, and Jordan Peterson and draws inspiration from their philosophies. Despite the ups and downs of running a business, Matthew remains steadfast in his mission to lead Sonsray toward success while always staying true to the company’s values.

Matthew has built Sonsray with a specific set of values and will not compromise them despite the temptations of growth. According to him, the company operates on doing things the right way, treating all employees, customers, and partners with respect, and striving to improve. These values have played a significant role in the company’s success and will continue to guide Sonsray as it grows and evolves.

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