Luzia Lands $10 million in Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot

Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot
Luzia Lands $10 million in Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot
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The creation of chatbots has become simpler for developers thanks to the availability of Large Language Models (LLMs). Large corporations like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft have widely disseminated ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat. However, Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot who are not technologically sophisticated. Luzia, based in Spain, is attempting to make AI chatbot technology accessible to people with a WhatsApp-based bot.

The business, established in 2023 by Carlos Pérez, Javier Andrés, and Lvaro Martnez Higes, aims to serve the chatbot market in Spanish and Portuguese. Utilizing Luzia is simple. The chatbot is a contact you can add to your phone and start a conversation with on Telegram or WhatsApp.

According to the firm, Luzia has been used by over 17 million individuals, 8 million of whom are engaged monthly. Although it did not mention daily active users, the business claimed to receive 13 million queries daily.

According to Martnez Higes, who spoke to TechCrunch, most users forward Luzia as a contact so their friends can converse with the bot.

The corporation starts speaking to you in Spanish or Portuguese after using your phone number to determine the nation you are in. As Luzia’s presence expands in the U.S., it will start using English for communication. However, it will consistently default to that language if you prefer to converse in Spanish. Nevertheless, Luzia’s GPS technology enables it to communicate in multiple languages, ensuring accessibility for users in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot:

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The purpose is to expose Luzia to users needing to become more familiar with AI models. The business claimed that many new customers contrast the bot with a Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot voice assistant like Siri or Alexa. The startup needs to educate customers about various functionalities, even if the app displays a rudimentary onboarding message with some use cases.

The company powers the interaction with a combination of GPT 3.5/4, Llama, and Kandinsky models. Users can ask Luzia to generate email text or provide answers just like they would with any other chatbot. They can also offer a voice memo or audio file for transcription by the bot. Additionally, Luzia may produce visuals in response to a stimulus.

Khosla Ventures has led a $10 million Series A fundraising round for Luzia. Pao Gasol, a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame, A* Capital, Abstract Ventures, FJ Labs, Globo Venture, Mike Santos of Technisys, Sean Ryan of Sean Investments LTD, and Grupo Product were among the additional investors. The business has already raised $3 million. For now, the business is keeping the bot free in favour of concentrating on growth and adding user value.

“We’ve seen monetization strategies like granting access to limitless messages, lengthy transcriptions, and better models Funding to Expand its WhatsApp-Based Chatbot via subscription plans. However, the industry is swiftly commoditizing those. We would have died if we had taken that path, according to Martnez Higes.

According to Adina Tecklu, a partner at Khosla Ventures, the personal assistant market is effectively served by Luzia. The market in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula alone represents a sizable possibility, according to Tecklu.

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“I’ve been researching how AI can power consumer interactions for a while. We observed a competent team at Luzia that thoroughly understood their target market, which led to promising early traction. It’s impressive that their product has gained such early customer momentum, according to Tecklu, who emailed TechCrunch about the company’s offering. Khosla has invested in several firms working on AI and LLM technology this year, including the conversational learning app Quazel and reading coach Ello.

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