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Therapy treatment machines work very well for proper skin care. At wsnh2k22.com you can get an attractive therapy machine at a discount to solve your various skin problems. This machine is very useful for those who face various screen problems. It is a machine that helps in phototherapy with the help of LED light. The most amazing thing is that with the help of this one therapy machine you can solve various problems of your skin. Especially beneficial for those with facial acne, age spots, redness, blemishes, black moles, and narrowed pores. You can try to get the skin care therapy treatment machine fast by taking the discount offer at the cheapest price and reading the last part of this article before ordering.

About wsnh2k22 service and therapy machine specification

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Why do you use our face, Messenger?

Multi-technical support: It is integrated with advanced LED Light phototherapy(including Red LED Light Therapy), radio frequency (RF)/EMS, and LCD display technology. so that it can reduce acne, redness, fine lines, shrink pores, fading freckles, age spots, and brown patches making the skin firm, glossy, and elastic.

Skincare effects: If you stick to using the high-frequency facial machine, it can offer you multi-effects such as anti-aging & anti-wrinkle; tightening & Lifting; removal of acne & whitening; deep cleaning & skin massager, smoothening wrinkles; skin moisturize and regeneration; suppress blackheads and acne.

Use Guide: smear some skincare essence on the needed area, note that chooses the proper device working intensity and the right LED color therapy you need; when you hold the device, you need to repeat the circular movement on the skin gently, pull from bottom to top; do not stay at one spot more than 3 seconds; feeling slightly warm is normal during use, stop using it if you feel not well.

Safe face massager: you can also use it as a massager, suit for neutral skin, oily skin, deep skin, acne, etc., and has 6 LED phototherapy light models for different skin problems.


  • Working Principle: EMS
  • Working Principle: Vibration Massage
  • Working Principle: RF
  • Type: RF Radio LED Photon Therapy Machine
  • Size: 45*46*165mm
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Item Type: RF & EMS Beauty Instruction
  • Function3: Massage & Relaxation
  • Function2: Eectropration, Microcurrent
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Verdict words

Finally, if you are very careful about your skin, don’t delay in purchasing a skin care face massager.  You will get much better results using Therapy Messenger to restore your skin’s natural state and maintain perfection.

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