Great Night Routine

Great Night Routine

Do you want to build a better bedtime routine? If yes, you need to practice good sleep hygiene and change your lifestyle. Here are the best ways for building a better bedtime routine:

1. Fix Your Sleep Schedule

It is essential to wake up in the morning at the same time each day. It can help strengthen your circadian rhythm, which is the sleep/wake cycle of the body. If you can get enough rest every night, your body is more likely to function at its best. If you cannot fall asleep quickly, you can do something relaxing. For instance, you read a book or listen to relaxing music. Once you feel tired, you can go back to your bed.

2. Get Enough Night’s Rest

According to Dr. Khoury, the normal sleep time is about 8 hours, but some people may require 6 or 10 hours of sleep. If you are not feeling tired in the morning and during the day, then you are getting enough night’s rest. If you can wake up without an alarm, it is even better.

3. Create a Sleep Routine

It is much better to perform some rituals before your bedtime. For instance, you can listen to relaxing music or take a hot bath to help your body relax. You can perform these rituals and dim your lights to signal your body that it is time to sleep. Do not, however, do stimulating activities before your bedtime. Do not, therefore, work or pay your bills before going to bed. And do not use your electronics, such as TV, before bedtime since they can stimulate you, making it difficult to get some sleep.

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4. Change Your Drinking and Eating Habits

It is best to eat 2 to 3 hours before your bedtime to help you feel comfortable when going to bed. If you feel hungry, you can take herbal tea, a glass of milk, or a snack to help promote sleep. Do not take too much caffeine or alcohol since they can disturb your sleep. You will not get enough night’s rest.

5. Create a Comfortable Room for Sleep

Create a cool, quiet, and dark bedroom. Use room-darkening shades to block light and cool your bedroom using a fan. Also, select a comfortable mattress and comfortable pillows. If you have been using your mattress for over 10 years, it might be the best time to replace it. These Birch mattress certifications will help you to find the best mattress for you. It is even better to use your bedroom for sex and sleep only. Do not, therefore, work, study, or do other activities in your bedroom. If you are only using your bedroom for sleep, you will fall asleep when you go to sleep.

6. Exercise

Regular exercise can help you fall asleep quickly and improve your sleep quality. You can exercise in the morning since exercising in the evening can make you feel energized.

7. Manage Your Stress

It is difficult to sleep if you are stressed. You can do calming activities, such as yoga or journaling, to help you relax. If you have been feeling stressed for some time now, it is better to talk to a specialist. The specialist can help you reduce your stress.

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8. Take a Short Nap

If you must take a nap during the day, you should take a 10 to 30 minutes nap. Do not take a nap late in the evening.