Guide to Purchasing the best air compressor 

air compressor

Are you planning to purchase a new compressor? Then this article is for you. It is taking you through what you need to know before you make your decision which in my view should bring no regrets for you.

So often we have had personal experience or heard from our friends and relatives narrating their ordeal of having wasted their resources buying less quality products. Therefore, with an air compressor the following are some of the considerations to make.

Availability of power supply

Since air compressor is a technical device it will require power to operate. It is therefore appropriate to check for example in your point of station there is enough electrical voltage for electrical driven compressor and gas for gas compressor depending on the nature of your compressor. This is to avoid you the headache after making the purchase.

Pressure needed

In case your pressure demand is high you will need a two stage compressor to operate effectively by enabling it to reach the PIS required. It is important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to enable them run concurrently. This one also contributes greatly to the durability of your air compressor.

Market price

As always like any other commodity in the market, quality will alwaysincrease with price. Therefore, with a contrary aspect of going for the most economical one, you should consider its suitability in serving you well for a longer duration of time. Air compressor price in Kenya varies widely depending on the quality of manufacturing materials usedand the corresponding market value.

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It is obvious for most air compressors to produce noise during operation. But this could not be suitable for use especially in indoor environments and any other place such as school which requires silence. For such cases, it is advised to go for the oil lubricated compressors as they quieter when in use. This consideration is made to make it socially acceptable.

Mobility of the compressor

This aspect focuses on the fact that it is fixed or portable. However, this can be placed for consideration influenced by the nature of your operation. When you have to move from one place to another it is appropriate to choose those with small tanks, handles and wheels which make them light. For stationary compressors, they are characterized by huge storage tanks and higher horse power.

Workload for your compressor

Knowing your usage capacity is essential in determining the duty cycle your compressor will need. Compressors have different demands depending on their period of use. A higher duty cycle will increase the efficiency than higher horsepower models depending on the application of the air compressor.

Nature of the application

There are varied uses for air compressors. For example, food and pharmaceutical industries require oil free compressors. This is because to avoid the risk of contamination to the products when using the compressor. The air compressed should prevent microbial growth for such cases.


In summary, the article has given elaborate explanation on the basic knowledge a potential buyer should be equipped with before purchasing an air compressor. With that you can now confidently walked into a shop to make the purchase.