Important factors for selecting the perfect solar battery

solar battery
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Solar batteries contain different currents with different voltages. A 200ah battery is guaranteed to supply continuous current for a longer period. The batteries provide power to your home using the collected energy from the sun. This article will provide considerable factors to opt for the perfect solar battery suitable for your home necessity.

The solar battery is an energy sourcedependable for home use after sundown or in case of a power outage. It can store energy longer compared to other batteries. The batteries are rechargeable by the solar panel installed on the roof. Therefore, it is suitable to consider the following factors before choosing a solar battery.

Battery size

Solar batteries come along in different sizes. Depending on your regular power consumption, you must go fora bigger battery in size to ensure that it lasts longer during power outage. The battery will contain enough power to use even on home appliances.

Storage capacity

The capacity of a solar battery is amount of power stored. The capacity depends on the energy generated by your solar panels over a certain period. Depending on its voltage, a 200ah battery provides energy for 10 hours or over.Therefore, enough solar battery capacity will provide adequate power for daily power consumption in your home.


Efficiency is the amount of stored energy one can utilize. For example, a solar battery with 5kWh can provide a usage of 4kWh, whose roundtrip efficiency will be 80%.


Many solar batteries sold, but they can be unreliable or untrustworthy. When selecting your desired battery, consider the high-quality one to be cycled several times without discharging its proficiency.

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Battery lifespan

Before selecting your solar battery, it is good to consult the sellers about its lifespan.A solar battery’s lifespan will depend on brand and the capacity to lose over a certain period. To ensure that your battery has a longer lifespan, you must follow good maintenance measures. Keep the batteries protected from heat.

Battery safety

You must select the solar battery which meets certified safety requirements before installing it in your home. However, there are battery chemistries that are less safe compared to others.

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Solar batteries of different capacities and voltage have different pricing. The common battery in the market has a capacity of 200ah and has the best specification compared to other batteries. Therefore, 200ah solar battery price in Kenya is affordable and most considered due to its high voltage. The price can also be within your budget before installing solar system in your home.


Before selecting your desired solar battery, always buy from trusted manufacturers. Due to the high technical demands, many organizations produce duplicate solar batteries to obtain power for later consumption. Trusted producers will provide best reliable devices and services for your needs.


The performance of solar batteries will depend on the size of solar system installed. Also,a larger solar panel will provide a continuous power flow to the battery. The battery will therefore increase its performance in producing energy for your home.


The perfect solar battery must be safe, have a good performance, and be of good quality to ensure comfortability at your home. Its power rating must be reliable in case of emergencies. There are many considerations based on your needs.

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