Hair Transplant Turkey Cost: Reasons To Take The Step And Have A Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant Turkey Cost: Reasons To Take The Step And Have A Hair Transplant
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Suppose you suffer from androgenic alopecia and have not been able to stop the loss effectively and in time. In that case, a hair transplant is the only definitive option to recover lost hair. Undergoing this intervention is worth considering carefully; you will likely have doubts. But it is a safe and straightforward process that, carried out by expert hands, ensures a natural result that will significantly improve your appearance. Get in touch for a hair transplant in Turkey cost.

You will recover your hair and forget about alopecia.

Hair transplant is performed when the alopecia is stabilized; therefore, no more hair loss will occur. Thus, follicular units are obtained from the nape and sides of the neck, which do not suffer from alopecia, and are taken to depopulated areas. Depending on the quality of the donor area, this improves hair density and covers bald regions. Furthermore, the grafted hair does not fall out again; it usually grows, and you will forget that you were bald quickly. You will have natural hair forever.

Ten reasons to undergo a hair implant and know hair transplant in Turkey cost

With the innovative KEEP implantation technique, this method with no limit on follicles is characterized as a completely personalized process for the patient, focused on an optimal result and their health and well-being, allowing a growth rate of more than 95%.

‘Growing hair’ is a very personal decision. Different factors contribute when deciding on a treatment of this type. For this reason, we want to shed a little light on this procedure, which we perform in our facilities through an innovative technique where personalized attention and the health and well-being of the patient prevail. Click for hair transplant in Turkey cost here.

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Androgenic alopecia usually affects more than 60% of the male population throughout their lives. It may be related to aspects such as family history or aging. Opting for a hair implant helps to improve both the aesthetic appearance and the self-esteem of the person who decides to start this practice.

The KEEP technique: It is a personalized technique. An individualized patient evaluation is carried out using a capillary camera and in our state-of-the-art facilities with state-of-the-art surgical material. A post-surgical treatment is done, surgery is carried out, and then treatment with a hyperbaric chamber. After the intervention, continuous monitoring is also carried out with periodic check-ups and treatments using master formulations (before and after) to provide nutritional support to the follicle after the implant.

The FUE technique is currently the most modern and recommended practice as it has better results and is less invasive and painful than those used until now. It is based on extracting from follicle to follicle, using a motor with a circular head or minimum diameter punch under local anesthesia. The area where the follicles will be extracted is shaved, which is the donor area. Then, after classification on ice, they are implanted in low-density regions. The postoperative period, both immediate and long-term, results in a less painful process and an early recovery. Click for hair transplant in Turkey cost here.

Sedation: Patient comfort and safety are reinforced through sedation, analgesia, and intravenous antibiotic therapy with strict control of vital signs. Local anesthesia is minimally painless due to this sedation and the use of low-resistance material.

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Conservation of the follicles: It is done under strict temperature control and a special transplant serum that allows them to remain with their intact properties and much greater viability.

Sapphire scalpels: They allow more anatomical incisions so the follicle has greater viability.

KEEP implementation is a completely harmless device for the follicle since its manipulation and trauma are zero and leads to a growth rate of 98%, allowing a much faster image change since a high percentage of patients do not present a ‘shock effect’ and the hair grows from the moment of the implant. It is a painless operation (with local anesthesia) and a quick recovery.

The entire procedure is performed in a single session and on an outpatient basis. To avoid discomfort, local anesthesia will be applied, and at the end, you will be able to return home to rest. You can lead an everyday life immediately, just resting for the first few days and observing the care your doctor explains to avoid damage to the newly implanted follicular units. Find hair transplant in Turkey cost here.

Hair transplant in Turkey cost is affordable!

Getting a hair transplant in Turkey is not only the best option for your comfort but also for your safety as a patient. In addition, clinics usually offer payment facilities so that finances are open for everyone. Thus, forgetting about traveling abroad to save money, you can undergo an intervention with all the guarantees in Turkey. In addition, it is important to monitor the process to ensure that everything is going as planned. 

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