Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey: Hair Center Of Turkey

Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey: Hair Center Of Turkey
Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Turkey: Hair Center Of Turkey
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mature man having balding problems

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in men and women. Hair loss, especially in men due to genetic reasons, causes problems in daily and private life. People who suffer from the problem called male pattern baldness face the problem of balding, especially from the ages of 20-30. In women, in addition to genetic hair loss, hair loss may occur due to hormonal disorders, malnutrition, pregnancy and post-menopause, and breastfeeding period.

Today, there are many surgical and non-surgical treatment methods aimed at stopping hair loss. Anti-hair loss medications, shampoos, creams, and oils. And even more. However, none of the alternative methods that push the limits of alternative methods offer a treatment method as effective as hair transplantation methods. As Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic, we offer a radical and permanent solution to your hair loss problems. Thanks to our professional team in our clinic, we provide hair transplantation service with affordable and superior service understanding.

You can have a brand new hairline thanks to the personalized hair transplantation service we provide in our clinic located in Istanbul, one of the most popular cities in Turkey. In our clinic policies, we follow a small number of customers and a personalized service policy. Thanks to our personalized services, our team that deals with your problems after the process accompanies you. In this way, you can easily go through the transplantation process.

How much does hair transplant cost?

Hair transplant costs vary according to the current location and quality of the clinic, the patient’s hair lightness rate, the transplantation method used, and the number of grafts used during the procedure. In Turkey, hair transplantation costs are determined according to service packages. In the hair transplant services offered in our clinic, transportation, accommodation, and hair transplant procedure costs are evaluated together.

Unlike hair transplantation procedures abroad, you can get transplantation service as a package in our Hair Center of Turkey hair transplant clinic. In this sense, you can go through the process without thinking about details such as accommodation and transportation. The content of the package offered to you in hair transplantation at Hair Center of Tukey is as follows:
    – Hair transplantation microsurgery procedure,
    – Accommodation,
    – Transportation from hotel to clinic and clinic to hotel,
    – Greeting at the airport on the first day you get off the plane,
    – 5-star hotel,
    – Online hair transplant aftercare service,
    – A translator who speaks the client’s native language.
With the hair transplant service you will receive at Hair Center of Turkey, you can conclude the process effectively and in a short time with a team that takes care of the entire process.

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Which methods are used in my hair transplant?

At Hair Center of Turkey, we apply Safir FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) techniques to our patients. In both methods, local anesthesia is given to our patients to numb the area to be treated and relieve the pain.

The methods used in hair transplantation are the methods developed by doctors with the latest medical developments. You can have a dense and natural hairline with Sapphire FUE and DHI methods, which are frequently used in hair transplantation. In our clinic, beard transplantation procedures are also performed with the micro FUE method. Hair and beard transplantation procedures take approximately 8-10 hours. Hair transplantation is a procedure performed without leaving any incisions, scars, or stitch marks on your body. As a result, you can achieve healthy results without deep incision scars with both transplantation methods.

Sapphire FUE Method

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation method is one of the hair transplantation methods that allows you to have natural hair. In this method, hair transplantation is performed using Sapphire-tipped pens. Sapphire is one of the precious stones in nature. Thanks to the fine, scalp-compatible, and natural structure of sapphire tips, complications in hair transplantation are minimized.

In the past, the FUE method performed with metal tips had a higher risk of bleeding and complications on the scalp. However, in the FUE hair transplantation method using sapphire tips, sapphire tips are very compatible and natural with the scalp. While the sapphire FUE procedure is performed, channeling is applied and no channeling is performed in the DHI method.

DHI Method

DHI hair transplantation method is called the direct hair transplantation method. With this method, hair follicles extracted from the donor area in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 pieces are transplanted to the patient’s front hair area without any canal opening process. DHI procedure performed with pens called Choi Pen allows for frequent transplantation. In addition, the risk of bleeding is less since there is no canalization and the incision depth is less. Due to the low risk of bleeding, the healing time of the wounds is shorter.

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Sedated Hair Transplant at Hair Center of Turkey

Sedated hair transplantation, which is different from the classical anesthesia method, has recently become a very popular method. Sedated hair transplantation is a very suitable option for patients who are afraid of hair transplantation due to fear of needles and pain. Sedated hair transplantation is performed by administering sedative drugs to the patient’s arm before anesthesia. The patient becomes sleepy for a while after the sedative drugs are administered. At this time, the necessary anesthesia procedure is performed for the patient. Afterward, the hair transplantation process continues.
Thanks to sedated hair transplantation, you can have a hair transplant without pain and suffering. At Hair Center of Turkey, we apply sedated hair transplantation in our hair transplant clinic, unlike most clinics. This method is very advantageous for patients who have a low pain threshold and avoid hair transplantation for fear of needles and pain.Quality Service at an Affordable Price

Although hair transplantation procedure is performed in many countries, it is beyond the reach of most people due to high prices. In addition, the lack of accommodation and transportation facilities increases the cost of hair transplantation even more. At Hair Center of Turkey, our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, hair transplantation costs are offered as package prices.

After hair transplantation, your aftercare procedures are carried out. In addition, our experienced team offers support against any complications you may encounter after transplantation. After hair transplantation, the grafts grow and the hair grows for about 8 to 12 months. One of the most important stages to overcome in this process is the “shock shedding” process that occurs naturally after hair transplantation. Shock shedding is a temporary trauma reaction of the scalp to the newly transplanted hair after hair transplantation. Shock shedding is a process that occurs after hair transplantation and continues for about 2 weeks. After shock shedding, the transplanted hair begins to grow and grow over time.

Hair Transplant Results

Hair transplantation is a process that takes place between 8 and 12 months. There are many points that patients should pay attention to during this process. There are many things you should avoid such as using the shampoos and creams recommended by your doctor, not standing under the sun in the first months of transplantation, and not doing heavy physical activities for a while. After going through all these processes, you will have permanent, long-lasting and full-looking hair. For hair transplant results, you can access the “hair transplant before & after” photos on the Hair Center of Turkey website and witness thousands of successful hair transplant results.

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