How do Muslims celebrate Eid ul Adha in Pakistan?

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Pakistanis are known for their passion, devotion, and joyous celebrations all across the globe. International tourists have been seen visiting Pakistan lately and professing their love for Pakistani celebration and hospitality on numerous YouTube vlogs. These vloggers seem to be enjoying the street food and beaches of Pakistan.

Similarly Eid ul Adha has been celebrated by Pakistanis with sheer excitement and delight. There are numerous bakra for sale in Lahore available on this auspicious occasion over different websites.

How Muslims of Pakistan Welcome Eid ul Adha:

When it comes to celebrating Eid ul Adha, Muslims from all over Pakistan take an immense amount of passion for it. They tend to travel from one place to another place just to have their cattle being bought. Online qurbani Lahore services have eased this difficult phase for many customers lately. Similarly, there are many of the banners which are found in different places which encourages one to opt for online cattle shopping rather than going through the hectic procedure of traveling to a cattle farm first and then buying them later after a dreadful negotiation.

Subsequently purchasing cattle, Pakistanis devote most of their time while feeding and taking great care of these animals. This all alone tends to express the devotion and love one has towards their Qurbani and Allah.

Eid Delights on Joyous Days:

Most the families tend to cook multiple eid delights on these eid days so that adults, children, and the elderly all could shower themselves with the sweetness of these scrumptious delights.

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These delights include Kheer, Firni, Ras malai, or Shahi Tukrey. All of these delights are cooked on these eid days to add more sugar to the sweetness of eid. On the other hand, some of the families tend to fetch mithai or cakes from bakeries.

Eidi on Eid:

In fact, it is quite a norm that on these joyous occasions of Eid, families tend to distribute eidi. This eidi can be hot cash, gifts, Eid wish cards or cakes, Mathai.

These eidis are always happened to be distributed by an elderly member of the family to the younger ones of the family. For instance, Dada would give eidi to his son whereas the father would distribute eidi among his younger siblings, wife, or children. This is a small gesture of love and care which shows that younger ones are being taken great care of by their very own elders. Indeed it represents a sense of responsibility and great care towards society and culture both at the same time.

From Lahore to Swat:

Eid celebrations in Pakistan take place in every other corner of the country. From Lahore to Swat or from Karachi to Hunza all the Pakistanis gather on this joyous occasion and display a sense of unity.

Some cities particularly Lahore or Faisalabad tend to celebrate this occasion by cracking fireworks or by distributing Mathai among neighbors or in the neighborhood. Since Lahori are known for their overly joyful nature so they tend to celebrate such days with more energy and with an open heart.

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On the other hand, Islamabad or Karachi would opt for dining or BBQ grilled dinners either at home or at some fancy restaurants since their aura has always been sophisticated in nature.

These days of eid bring out at most happiness to all in fact over these occasions even depressed get cherished and one with sufferings end up smiling too as these days are full of ultimate and countless joy and happiness. In these days one who has departed from their very own homeland returns eventually as the aura of such a joyful celebration could not be resisted by them too.

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