How do you know which dermal filler to try?

Dermal Filler Melbourne
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No wonder that there is an overwhelming demand and increase for dermal fillers- it is quick, safe and has less to no recovery time. One can have the treatment during break time -just like getting a cup of coffee in one of your favorite coffee shops and this has been normalised as part of the beauty regimen. Plus, society is being more open and aware about cosmetic procedures including dermal fillers treatment. And the fact that many celebrities are admitting having enhancement done, this has made the “tweakment culture’  the desire to look good on social media especially to young adults who are now ruling most of the social media platforms. 

Melbourne Dermal Fillers Treatment is a non-invasive procedure and one of the common and popular types of cosmetic procedures. It is used to instantly and effectively reduce the visible lines and unwanted wrinkles; it also creates contours and volume and revitalises skin giving a soft natural look. It has gained popularity among young and aging adults because it allows them to create an anti-aging treatment proactively wherein they no longer need to wait to “age” enough to get the procedure. 

Dermal fillers can also be used as preventative care which has an increasing demand among younger women where it helps maintain smooth skin as well as prevent fine lines and wrinkles from appearing prematurely in time. Dermal fillers not just provide volume, it also triggers a regenerative response from the body.

Types of Dermal Fillers

There are different forms of dermal fillers that can reduce or eliminate the look of wrinkles and fine lines; 

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Temporary Dermal Fillers 

This is the most common type of dermal filler that can last from six to eighteen months. Temporary dermal fillers have three types ; 

  • Hyaluronic acid-based fillers 
  • Collagen-based fillers 
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers

Semi-Permanent Dermal Fillers 

It is thicker than the temporary fillers that can last up to 12 to 18 months. This type of filler takes a lot longer to be broken down and absorbed by the body. This type of filler is commonly used to smooth deep lines like laugh lines or marionette lines. 

Permanent Dermal Fillers 

This is the most viscous amongst the other fillers and can’t be metabolised quickly by the body. This type of dermal filler can last up to 5 years or more. 

How can dermal filler enhance my appearance?

There is more than just smoothing out wrinkles, it can also address the following; 

  • Smooth out lines around the nose and mouth ( marionette lines, smile lines and  nasolabial folds)
  • Restore volume ( cheeks and temples) 
  • Reduce vertical lines 
  • Enhance and plump lips 
  • Smooth out creases in the chin 
  • Fix and improve facial symmetry 

Why do people get dermal fillers? 

Compared to Melbourne dermal fillers surgery. Dermal fillers are non-invasive, reversible and cost-efficient and have minimal downtime. This procedure is mostly known as “lunchtime treatment” where literally you can have the procedure over at lunch break which is much more convenient for those who have a very busy and tight schedule. 

Aside from all of us wanting to look great and better, getting Dermal Filler Melbourne is not just because of vanity. Most of the main reasons why one is having treatment are to regain their confidence and to feel accepted by society. It may be because of visible acne scarring or wanting to have that facial balance and harmony. 

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There are several options to choose from, but dermal fillers Melbourne is one of the most popular because the effect is immediate. One can see the difference in their appearance even before stepping out from the clinic. Unlike dermal fillers surgery, it takes a couple of weeks to see the result and still have to deal with post-op healing and pain. 

Which dermal filler to try?

With a multitude of dermal filler products in the market, it is really difficult to know what option works best. In order to get natural-looking results, SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors will provide a personalised treatment plan based on ones’ aesthetic goals with the guidance of our highly skilled and qualified cosmetic doctors. 

But know that, There are many different brands of fillers that vary according to their use and concentration of active ingredients.  Each product is formulated precisely to have fixed texture, density and injection depth that works better for certain areas of concern. meaning, What type of fillers to be used is dependent on how it is going to be used and to what part of the face it is going to be administered. 

During the personalized consultation, our cosmetic doctors will evaluate and review the medical history in order to prevent any associated risk like allergic reaction from one of the active ingredients of the is also important to disclose any medications, supplements or blood thinners to minimize bruising as well as jeopardize the safety and results.

You may book your personalized consultation at SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors to learn more about your options.

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