How Family Lawyers Make Your Legal Issues Easier?

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There are various legal matters where you might feel stuck. It becomes impossible to understand the legal settlements on family issues. How can a professional family law solicitor make everything easier? 

These might be parenting orders, property settlement, child custody, or other entitlements that require legal action. 

What is a family law solicitor?

The best family lawyer is responsive to managing legal issues between family members. They are responsible for providing legal advice and support to help you manage stress with a clear legal strategy. Many specialized lawyers will represent you in court.

Some types of specialized family lawyers are:

  • Divorce lawyer
  • Child Custody lawyer
  • Separation lawyer 
  • Child Protection lawyer
  • De-Facto lawyer
  • Wills lawyer
  • Property and financial matters lawyer

They work with a wide range of clientele to inform them about their options and rights in a relationship. 

What are the different family matters handled by the best family lawyer?

Polygamy and Bigamy

This is a practice of having multiple spouses. In legal terms, you can be in a polygamous relationship but cannot have multiple spouses in Australia. So, you cannot be legally married to multiple people simultaneously. 


There are chances that, unfortunately, your marriage is not working, and you require the best lawyer to handle the legal procedure. Various types of divorce orders are:

No-Fault Divorce 

The only legal requirement for divorce in Australia is 12 months of separation.

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No-fault divorce applies in the event of an irreconcilably led marriage breakdown. 

Divorce Application 

There is a provision to make a joint or sole application for divorce. The other party will be provided with the legal documents if you apply for a complete application. There are no limitations when you file for a divorce, which means you can use the best family lawyers even after ten or twenty years of separation. Once a divorce is granted, it takes one month to be finalised or absolute.


This is a bit different from a divorce, as it means that you were never legally married according to the law. According to the laws, both parties must be present during the annulment hearing. There is no waiting period for annulment, and you have the freedom to apply anytime. 


This can be a challenging task as it is legally demanding. It is important to take proper legal action as the process can fail with a simple mistake. There are multiple things to show that you will provide a secure home for the child. A professional lawyer will manage the paperwork and handle disputes which may arise.

De-Facto Relationships 

Some couples do not want to get married and want to live together. In legal terms, this is known as a De-Facto relationship, where the couple lives together domestically after two years of cohabitation. De-facto relationships can be registered.  

You may need to go to court to handle financial and parenting matters. In case of a relationship breakdown, you need the help of the right lawyers for the case.

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Same-Sex Marriages 

Same-sex couples face the same obligations as a de-facto relationship. They must go through legal avenues for parenting, property, or spousal maintenance orders. Experienced family lawyers will have the right knowledge to handle such delicate matters. 

Parental Responsibilities 

There are chances that the parents get separated after having children, which means they have great responsibilities for the children. Some common set of things to consider are:

  • Finances: If there is equal parenting, both parents have to share the financial and emotional support of the children. 
  • Equal Consideration: Responsibility for deciding crucial matters such as school choice and religious institutions they may attend.
  • Interests of Children: Most people try to resolve family matters at home. While if the court manages the case, then the child’s welfare is considered. The child is likely to live with one parent and spend time with the other.
  • Domestic Violence: If you are in physical danger, it is time to get the best law firms Australia to apply for the right actions through the Family Court. They will consider the risk and advise appropriately. 

Property and Finances

Getting a limited financial agreement or a binding document to handle finances is normal. It is important that before you sign any such document, it must be reviewed by a legal solicitor to provide you guidance. They will make recommendations to make sure you do not have to face any consequences later.

How is getting a family lawyer beneficial?

1. Expertise in Court Documents and Litigation 

They will take your instructions and prepare the documents with great efficiency. They will guide you through the process instead of navigating through the website, brochures, or forms to prepare documents. It is important to seek fully informed and reliable advice from the family lawyer. This will save you from wasting time and stress preparing long documents or attending court without help. 

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2. Higher Negotiation Skills 

Most family law matters are handled through a negotiated agreement or court ordeals by consent. Engaging with a family lawyer is valuable as they are highly skilled to assist you and bring everything on your terms. They will make various settlement choices and advise you to determine acceptable solutions. 

3. Assess Matters Carefully 

Family law involves complexity and emotions. Each case has its unique circumstances and requires different solutions. A lawyer will consider you and your family members to provide a piece of clear advice for the situation.

The Final Note!

Communicating through a family law solicitor will provide peace of mind for both parties. They have great experience handling many legal issues and have the expertise to manage difficult issues. The value of help from a family lawyer is immeasurable in maintaining healthy family relationships.  

The above information will help you understand a few circumstances where a family lawyer will make your life simpler in case of handling legal issues. 

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