How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Fully Heal?

Once you’ve made your decision, you may want to show off your tattoo. The tattoo may take longer to heal.

This article will explain the stages of Tattoo Healing, how it takes, and any signs that could indicate that your tattoo isn’t healing properly.

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Heal?

The skin’s outermost layer (the visible part) will usually heal in two to three days after receiving one. It may look and feel completely healed. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months for the sub-tattoos to heal completely.

Stages For Healing Tattoos

There are generally four stages to healing. Depending on which stage you choose, your Tattoo will look different.

Week 1

The first stage takes approximately 6 days. For the first few hours, your brand new tattoo should be covered. The tattoo is considered an open wound. You might feel reddening or swelling as your body reacts to the injury.

Week 2

Itching may be a sign of irritation. It is normal to feel itchy skin. Despite the appearance of ink falling off, it will still be there.

Weeks 3, 4

Your tattoo may look dry. The itching should stop if this happens. Infected tattoos are those that remain red and do not heal. Your tattoo may look less vibrant because of a layer of dry skin.

Months 2, 3 And 6

You should feel the redness and itching you felt by now. Although you may not be able to see any signs of healing, it is a good idea to continue with apres care.

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How To Reduce Healing Times

Although we want tattoos to heal quickly, it is important to remember that each wound is unique and needs to be treated with care. You can speed up your healing by doing these things.

Cover Tattoos With Clothing

Exposure to sunlight can cause your tattoos to fade. New tattoos are sensitive to UV light. Protect your tattoo from direct sunlight by covering it with loose clothing, such as long sleeves or pants.

Don’t Apply A Second Bandage After You Have Removed The First Dressing

Your tattoo should be able to breathe. It’s better to remove the original bandage, which is often a clear plastic wrap or surgical wrap that was applied by the artist.

Clean Daily

Use lukewarm water, not too hot as to damage skin and open pores. Sterile Water should only be used to clean ink tattoos at least twice a week.

Use Ointment

Only air can heal a tattoo.

For the first few days, your artist may recommend products that contain lanolin (petroleum), as well as vitamins A and C.

Do Not Pick Or Scratch

While scrubbing is an important part of the healing process, it can cause damage to the tattoo’s integrity and scarring.

Do Not Use Fragranced Products

Avoid using perfumed lotions or soaps on tattoos. You may need to change from a scented shampoo, conditioner, and body wash if you have a tattoo in a specific area.

Don’t Get It Wet

Except for the tiny amount of sterile solution that was used to clean the tattoo, you should not use it in the bathtub or shower, and avoid swimming for the first two weeks.

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