How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App?

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This is the first question that pops up in the head of many entrepreneurs thinking immediately after a business idea. The first step towards any software development is figuring out the budget and getting the investment plan aligned, and answering your worry about how much it costs to develop an ecommerce app will be feasible once you understand the factors affecting it. 

To begin with, Ecommerce apps have gained momentum, especially after the Covid lockdown, consumers shop, buy, and are in the habit of wishlisting and adding to the cart, then going to the malls and marketplaces. This outrageous demand automatically adds up to the Ecommerce app cost. Before stepping into your digital transformation journey, here are a few essential factors to consider. 

  • App Database 

Apps like eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon belong to the category of databases, and ecommerce app development of such categories is generally high and extravagant. 

  • App Platform 

Android ecommerce application development is relatively cheaper than iOS ecommerce app development. The difference is too small to make an impact, though. However, it is also true that Android development requires more extended development, impacting the hourly costs of the app development company. 

  • App Design

An effective and impactful App design goes a long way. Many emerging technologies and experienced UI/UX developers are required to achieve the same. A simple app design is often not so simple, and you might need to remember to add the same to the app development budget. 

  • App Size 

The more features and functionalities, the higher the app’s costs will be. It is advisable to focus on the core features in version one of the app development journeys. 

  • App Developers 
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Beginning from a project manager, android/ iOS developers, testers, designers, deployers, QA, and Delivery head, paying this team will add up to the cost. Whether inhouse or outsourced, this is a significant factor affecting the budget. 

  • App Content 

The content also needs to be updated or in fact needs to be written from scratch. Technical writers, copywriters, researchers, content writers are required to get this ticked off.  

  • Testing & Deployment costs 

If your application is small, this might not dig up a hole in your pocket. However, a complex app or an app with multiple features and functionalities will automatically require multiple-level testing and analysis to ensure the app runs smoothly and is stable. 

  • Support & Maintenance 

Your app is not a definite piece of software, it constantly needs updates and is required to be maintained for high functionality. 

  • Mobile wallets/Payment Gateways 

Integrating an app with a mobile wallet is another cost factor that can take your vision up and beyond. 

So, keeping in mind about these factors, one can fairly estimate the cost of developing an Android e-commerce app can take up to $21,000 to $100,000, including the design, annual app store fees, app store registration costs and the iOS e-commerce app development can take up to $9,000 to $90,000.

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