How to Change Your Voice in Real Time While Live Streaming

How to Change Your Voice in Real Time While Live Streaming
How to Change Your Voice in Real Time While Live Streaming

Are you looking for an easy way to change your voice and use a unique voice effect quickly? Whether you are streaming on Discord or in a video conference session, having a way to modify your voice in real-time is an added advantage. This guide covers all details regarding FineShare FineVoice.

Best Free Voice Changer to Change Your Voice in Real Time

A voice changer should give you an all-in-one experience by having multiple voice effects that you can use and support for different platforms that you use daily. Our focus is on the FineShare FineVoice, the best real-time voice changer

With over 30+ voice effects, you are guaranteed to have fun when using FineVoice to change your voice. It has all the voice effects including old man, male, female, chipmunk, Minions, Santa Claus, etc. Once you get started with FineVoice, you can choose which voice effect to use for your case.

Here’s the kicker, FineVoice lets you change your voice in real-time. Yes! You can switch from your original voice to sounding like a Minions in a Discord voice channel. How cool is that?

As the best real-time voice changer, FineVoice goes the extra mile to ensure it accommodates your favorite programs. Whether you want to use it with your VoIP platforms like Discord or your video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Skype, FineVoice will work seamlessly.

You can use it with TeamSpeak, WhatsApp, Skype, Minecraft, Valorant, PUBG, Discord, Google Meet, etc.

As an AI-powered voice assistant, FineVoice also offers other features to improve your sound.

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Voice Recorder: Recording audio is a common task. FineVoice can capture and record any audio from computers, iPhones, browsers, and microphones. Thanks to FineVoice, you can obtain studio-quality recordings in WAV format at 48kHz. It gets better since FineVoice supports audio recording from other applications, such as Discord, Zoom, etc. 

FineVoice will record all sounds in different audio tracks, making it easy to edit the audio tracks and blend them for your need. Besides, it has an auto-save option.

Text to Speech: Are you looking to create a voice for your brand? FineVoice has Standard TTS that offers over 220 human-like voices in 40 languages and Role TTS that offers over hundreds of voices of celebrities, cartoon characters for you to use. Besides, you can tweak things to adjust the volume, pitch, or speed of your text-to-speech. That way, FineVoice will give you a quality speech to align with your expectations. Your only task is to create your script, and FineVoice will handle the rest.

Audio Transcription: When you have tones of conversations or audio files that you wish to transcribe, FineVoice has you covered. You can quickly and effectively transcribe your audio into neat text. Besides, you can share the transcribed file in different formats, including JSON, TXT, SRT, and VTT.

How to Change Your Voice in Real Time Using FineShare FineVoice

We’ve seen the amazing and cool features you get with using FineVoice. So, how do you go about using this life-saving real-time voice changer? 

Step 1. Visit the FineShare FineVoice and download the program for your Windows.

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Step 2. Double-click on the downloaded file and proceed to install it.

Step 3. Open the FineVoice application and tap the Real-Time Voice Changer section at the top.

Step 4. At the bottom right corner, click the Voice Aide option.

Step 5. Select your microphone to use as your input and your headphone as the speaker.

Step 6. Next, tap on the voice effect you want to use.

Step 7. To test the voice effect, click the hear myself at the bottom and speak through your microphone.

Step 8. Customize the voice effect to your preference, including adding a keybind to create a hotkey for quick access.

Step 9. Open your application and set the FineVoice Microphone as your input source.

That’s it. FineVoice will use the selected voice effect to change your voice in real time.


How to change your voice in real-time shouldn’t bother you anymore, provided you have FineVoice at your disposal. We’ve seen the voice change’s excellent features and the simple steps to use it. Try it today!