How to choose a good mattress for you?

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There are about eight hours a day, and we all spend our sleep, so how to choose a good mattress is no less than buying a house and a car, but the mattresses on the market are dazzling, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands. Yes, I don’t know how to choose?

1. Choose soft or hard or thin or thick

① Soft and hard

The softness and hardness are a common topic, and the feeling of sleep is mainly determined by the fabric layer and the filling layer. For people with poor lumbar spine and spine, the harder the bed is, the better, otherwise, just lay the floor.

The mattress should be “soft and firm”, with places that should be wrapped and supported, and the spine should be in a line when sleeping, so that the body is the most relaxed.

②The thickness determines the price

As for the choice of mattress thickness, generally within the same brand, the thicker the mattress, the more comfortable layers, the softer you sleep, and the more expensive the natural price.

So from a certain point of view, sleeping on a hard bed also reduces the purchase budget of a mattress.

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Three or four thousand hard mattresses are already very good, and eight or nine thousand soft mattresses are at the upper-middle level. Top-level soft mattresses belong to the top configuration of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

2. What about the mattress material?

A mattress consists of three parts: fabric layer + padding (comfort) layer + spring (support) layer. (Click here to review) As far as springs are concerned, the most mainstream now is the independent pocket spring.

①The number of spring coils is large

The normal number of coils is 5 and a half or 6, but 7 and a half is fine.

The more coils, the better the elasticity of the Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress, the more comfortable it is to sleep, and the more expensive it is.

② Double layer is better than single layer, three layer is better

The biggest feature of the double-layer spring is that the spring is stronger, and the spring layer can be “soft on the top and hard on the bottom”.

At present, in the mattress market, double-layer springs basically belong to the advanced configuration of “premium version” and “luxury version”, and the price is rarely lower than 10,000 US dollars.

Taking the black technology mattress as an example, the double-layer spring used is called a miniature induction mini spring, which is smaller in diameter and has fewer turns than the ordinary independent pocket spring. It is placed on the original 7.5-circle olive-shaped independent pocket spring.

Version 3.0 adds a layer of miniature induction mini springs on the basis of the original 2.0 double layer, which supports denser and more delicate induction, so the whole mattress feels very elastic and soft.

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Most of the “double-layer springs” featured by other mattress brands are also of this type. After all, the cost of double-layer springs is much more expensive than materials such as sponge and memory foam.

Moreover, the amount of steel used is the most critical factor in spring pricing. The heavier the mattress, the more expensive it is. Friends can judge the profit and cost-effectiveness of a brand through weight and price.

③ Don’t be superstitious about latex

Latex mattresses can be said to be the most popular mattresses in China. In order to increase the price, merchants add a layer of latex to any mattress.

And latex is not suitable for everyone. Its breathability is very poor, and even if it is perforated to assist heat dissipation, it is not suitable for summer and people who like to sweat.

In addition, do not expose to the sun or use an electric blanket, otherwise it will be powdered after a few years, and the foam will fall off when you scratch it with your hands, and the lifespan is really short.

Of course, the higher the latex content of the mattress, the better the quality, but the top-level latex mattress, the content can only achieve more than 93%.

Therefore, those “promotional” latex mattresses with only one or two thousand doll or even less than 1,000 doll are all of very low latex content and very poor quality.

There is also “Thai latex” specially sold to Chinese tour groups, either produced by Chinese in Thailand; or produced in China, and registered with local trademarks after being shipped to Thailand. Friends, don’t follow the trend and send money.

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3. How to sleep more comfortably?


If you want to sleep more comfortably, it is nothing more than that the spring layer can support the body, and the filling layer can make the friends more comfortable to be supported, that is, the “hard and soft” mentioned above.

Second, sleep more peacefully. If you want a good night’s sleep, the anti-interference of the best mattress online must be good, and the independent pocket spring of the left and right spiral springs is better. And more scientifically protect our spine, no matter how we turn over and lie on our side, we can make the lumbar and spine in the most relaxed posture.


The second point is to look at the breathability of the mattress, which directly affects the quality of our sleep. This mainly depends on the fabric and filling. The airtightness of the fabric will affect the volatilization of human moisture, which will cause the mattress to become moldy and affect the service life.

A mattress with good air permeability can not only sleep well at night, but also has its own air conditioning properties. Lying on it, you can obviously feel that the mattress breathes, keeping it fresh and comfortable all night, and there will be no problems such as being woken up by heat or getting pimples.

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