How to Choose Best Custom Keychains

How to Choose Best Custom Keychains
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Create a custom keychain for yourself, for your company or for whoever you want. There is no minimum order, you can customize even a single keychain. Choose from various custom keychains models of different shapes and materials and personalize it with a photo, logo, text or design.

Custom Keychains With Photo

You will easily find the latest custom keychains with photos online. There is a wide range of inexpensive custom keychains and in minutes you can create a unique and personal model. Below we list all the customizable keychain models.

Custom Keychains of various shapes

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Heart-shaped
  • Shaped like a puzzle
  • Shaped like a T-shirt
  • Other shapes (e.g. plaque)

Custom Keychain of various materials

  • Metal
  • Leather
  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Wood

Not only can you personalize them with the photo and image of your choice, but we also manufacture custom key chains with laser engraving of texts and logos with the diamond tip technique or with the latest generation laser engraving.

Custom Keychains ideas

You can choose to personalize your keychains with a photo of you, a family photo and a photo of your partner. Or you can create original keychains with an image that recalls your hobby or your favorite sport.

In addition to keychains with personal photos, among the most requested we find those themed Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball and keychains with logos, with the shield of your football team or with an emoticon.

It is an inexpensive and original gift perfect for any occasion: you can in fact create keychains for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, for Valentine’s Day, for Secret Santa, etc. It is an inexpensive, original and useful gift.

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How To Make a Custom Keychain

Customizing an online keychain is very simple, just choose the model you like best, click on “Customize” and enter our online editor to upload your photos, images, phrases, logos or drawings.

You will be able to unleash your creativity and create the most original keychains because customization allows you to create any design.

And even if there is a lot of talk about photo keychains, you can always choose to personalize them with a name, a short message, a dedication and a date.

Cheap Custom Keychains

In online stores like Vograce there are a quantity of discounts, this means that by purchasing more items of the same type the price will be cheaper, it is a great advantage for those who want to buy custom keychains and keychain gadgets for events such as weddings, baptisms and communions.

Custom Keychains With Writings

Most of custom keychains can be custom on both sides with different images and text. This way you can insert a photo on one side and a phrase or date on the other. The keychains with front and back photos are among the most requested because you can personalize them with two different images. In the description of each model you can check if it is customizable only on one side or on both sides.

Custom Keychains Online

If you want to buy custom keychains online you are in the right place. You will find the latest and different models of various shapes, materials and sizes. All the models you find can be customized with images and texts in color or with laser engravings. They are also cheap and made with quality materials: mark the model you like best, add your personal touch and we will take care of the rest.

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Camera roll keychain with photo

One of the most requested and original custom keychains of all is the keychain camera roll . It is a Kodak-style film that contains a film on which you can print your favorite photos like the classic camera rolls and that you always carry with you. It’s perfect if you want to give your partner a gift by personalizing it with your favorite photos.

Keychain for couples

For the most romantic you can create a couple keychains with your initials and your photos. They are perfect for a couple who has just moved in for the house keys, or who has just moved into a new home. We have lots of romantic graphics to create keychain pairs that will make you fall in love.

Custom motorcycle keychains

If you are looking for a keychain for your motorcycle or car, here you can find the perfect model for you. You can create custom car keychains with engraved or printed logos and brands.  You can create and make custom keychains for your car or motorcycle.

Can I choose the keychain material?

In online stores catalog you can find many models of key rings of different materials. The most classic are those in steel (customizable both with a photo and with an engraved text), in plaxiglass and in plastic. You will also find glass, eco-leather and wooden key rings.

How many forms of keychains are there?

There are many different shapes of keychains, from the most classic (round, square, rectangular), to the most original such as the roll keychain, the mini album, heart-shaped, house or puzzle keychain. In the case of the camera roll keychain and the mini album keychain you can choose up to 18 photos.

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How are the key rings custom?

The most common technique for personalizing and customizing key chains is direct printing on the key ring. It is made with a machine that transfers the image directly onto the material, obtaining a custom key ring with the original colors of the photo and in high definition. In the case of engraved key rings, personalization is done by laser, a very advanced technique that transfers the image onto the key ring with great precision.

Is there a minimum order?

Unlike other customization sites, on Vograce there is a mini order to buy custom keychains. You can also order a single keychain, but if you want to buy several pieces all the same, They offer quantity discounts to order them at a very affordable price.

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