How To Choose Fabric for Beachwear?

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Beach cover-ups are charming and practical pieces for those who love spending the day by the sea or the pool. The pieces (created to be worn over bathing suits) combine comfort and beauty in the year’s hottest season.

Those who want to produce these garments need to know how to choose fabric for a beach cover-up as well as the best swimwear manufacturer. With that in mind, here are some tips, so continue reading to check it out!

Fabrics for Beachwear: Lightness and Fit

As they are pieces designed for the summer, the most vital characteristics of the fabric for beachwear are quick drying and breathability. The best outputs are fresh, light, and fluid, avoiding discomfort. Furthermore, it is recommended that the foundations chosen do not have too many textures.

The fluidity of the fabrics used for a beach cover-up is also important for the garments to have a good fit and flatter all body types, even because the time when these pieces were used only in the traditional context is gone.

Today, beachwear proposes a range of clothing that can be incorporated into looks for different occasions, from a trip to the mall to a moonlit celebration. Therefore, beach cover-ups need to unite, at the same time, comfort, elegance, style, and fit.

Types of Beach Outings

Beach cover-ups are extremely versatile garments, appearing in the most diverse styles and variations. Check out some examples below. 


The dress-style exit is one of the most successful. It brings a tidier touch to beach days and can appear in different colors or prints. If the intention is to create pieces that expose the bikini, the tip is to create sets of these pieces.

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Depending on the consumer’s preference, dresses produced as beach cover-ups can be slightly transparent or completely opaque. In addition, casual dresses can serve as beach cover-ups if the composition is light and the model is comfortable.

The tunic-style beach cover-up is very similar to the dress model. Its particularities are the V-neck and a shorter length, giving the look a more “summery” touch.


Chemises are long shirts with wide modeling, commonly produced with slightly transparent fabrics or fresh and delicate materials, such as silk or bases with a touch of silk. Currently, they are a beachwear must-have and can be worn alone for a more laid-back look or with belts for a look that outlines the body’s curves.

Due to their length, they are a great cover-up to wear with a customized swimsuit, paired with shorts, skirts, and pants, or even as an ample dress.

T-shirts, Blouses, and Gowns

In the form of a T-shirt or smock, the beach cover-up gives a more relaxed look, which is the face of summer vacations. This style usually leaves the bikini on display, so it’s worth using the same set strategy as mentioned earlier.

Skirts, Shorts, and Pants

Skirt-shaped beach exits are also famous. This model covers the legs, but the fluid fabrics give a beautiful effect on the wearer. However, beach skirts are not the only option for those who want to create a stylish beachwear look. Nowadays, it is easy to find shorts and pants produced in light and comfortable fabrics, such as linen and cotton.

These variations are good options for replacing traditional denim shorts. Although many people use them as a cover-up, they are not ideal for the occasion since they have thick fabric, which takes time to dry and hinders the body’s natural perspiration.

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Types of Fabric for Beach Cover-Up

As previously mentioned, beach cover-ups demand light, comfortable, and quick-drying fabrics not to obstruct the body’s natural perspiration. I have discovered some amazing options that you may be interested in.


Lace is a great option for those looking for beach cover-ups in fine fabric! With a more artisanal and delicate bias, it is also recommended due to its hollow appearance, which allows for body ventilation.

The lace fabric for beachwear is also very popular because it allows you to see your bathing suit, be it a bikini or a customized swimsuit.


Crochet beach cover-ups are excellent for anyone looking for pieces with a handmade touch. In addition to being very delicate, they are recommended because of their hollow appearance, which allows perspiration and does not overheat the body.


Cotton is a natural light fiber that allows for good ventilation. As it does not heat the body and facilitates the evaporation of sweat, it is often used in swimwear such as chemises, gowns, and dresses. It is also a good fabric option for pareo.


Linen is also a natural fiber and has similar properties to cotton. The characteristic appearance of the fabric also gives the look an undone aesthetic, perfect for beach outings.

While linen has been heavily criticized for being wrinkled, these days, this characteristic is seen more as the fiber’s charm than anything else. In addition to the classic shirts, linen is a good fabric choice for going out on long beaches like dresses and skirts.


Several factors can influence an individual choice of swimwear. But as a swimsuit seller, you must be ready for any pick a user wants. This can only be possible when you partner with the right custom swimwear manufacturers. One manufacturer we recommend is Active Qstom since you can get all you need to start a swimwear line here.

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