How To Choose the Right Video Intercom?

How To Choose the Right Video Intercom?
How To Choose the Right Video Intercom?
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The easiest way to choose a video intercom for an apartment Usually, in this case, the user needs only one internal panel with a monitor. The choice of a video intercom for a private house is more difficult. Not only are there more places where the owner will be willing to take on the challenge, but the area around the house can have multiple entrances or high-risk areas for intruders to enter. Therefore, it is necessary to build a complex system. Let us consider in more detail all the nuances of choice in a particular case.

Video intercom for the apartment

When choosing a video intercom for an apartment, you need to consider the convenience of its use. An indoor unit built into the wall is perfect. This will allow you to perfectly fit the intercom into the interior. In addition, it is advisable to buy a device with memory. This option allows you not only to take pictures of visitors but also to keep a log of their actions. It is easy to find out what time the children come home from work. Full information is provided on the number of visitors, attempts to call from the central dialer to the access control system, and much more.

For an apartment, a small, stylish video intercom is bought with one monitor and a built-in power supply. This is enough to meet most needs. For analog CCTV cameras, a black-and-white monitor is enough. But if a high-quality peephole camera and additional video recording of what is happening at the door are installed, you can buy a more expensive color model. More details about the choice of color will be given below.

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Video intercom for a private house

Firstly, for a private house, you need to buy a model with an electromechanical lock. It provides more security. A device with an electronic lock simply unlocks the gate when the power is turned off, giving access to intruders. And the electromechanical will remain locked. If necessary, it can be opened with a classic key.

Secondly, in a private house, you will need a system with two calling panels. One must be installed at the entrance gate. So, you can let the gardener, the postman, and the attendants. To provide additional security measures, the second level of control is organized directly at the front door. Here, the second calling panel and video surveillance cameras will allow you to identify the intentions of the visitor, as they say, on the near approach.

A system with two monitors will also be useful. The owner does not need to go down, for example, to the front door. He will be able to talk to a visitor from his office or workshop. In addition, video intercoms with two screens allow you to make a call between them. This makes it possible for the inhabitants of the house to communicate with each other without travelling through the entire house.

Color or black and white screen

There is an opinion that a home video intercom, which transmits a colorful picture of a visitor or area of observation, is more informative and convenient. In practice, this is not the case. There are a few key points when a black-and-white front door monitor is preferable.

  1. When using low-resolution analog cameras, color information is noisy, and detail suffers greatly.
  2. When the light falls, the colors fade and merge.
  3. In nighttime shooting conditions, it is simply impossible to convey colors.
  4. Under equal conditions, the number of shades of black is greater than that of a single color channel.
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The foregoing does not mean that a color video doorbell is just money down the drain. A digital system equipped with good cameras will form a high-quality picture on the screen. However, if you choose a device for the office or with a connection to a driveway video intercom that does not offer a tolerable picture, it is recommended to stop at a black-and-white monitor.


The recommendation for choosing a monitor is simple: you should focus on the purpose of monitoring and the characteristics of the installed cameras. In addition, a black-and-white monitor is perfect for gifts or for a country house, allowing you to save money without sacrificing security.

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