How to download IG profile picture, easy to follow, just 4 steps

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Instagram profile pictures are a tough topic when a common man has absolutely no idea about enlarging a profile picture.  The concept behind Instagram profile picture is tough because nobody can enlarge the profile picture just by clicking on the icon.

This is mostly true for private profiles as they cannot be accessed by any means by anyone. But, a few common procedures can be applied to view a profile picture. Mentioned below are four steps that can be used to enlarge a profile picture.

Insta Zoom

Instazoom is an online website tool that can be used by people who want to enlarge their profile picture. The algorithm behind the Instazoom works in a way that it extracts the image from the profile and rebuilds it in HD version for a common man to understand. Here are the simple steps to use the downloader:

  1. Open the Instagram app

Log in to the Instagram app and search for the user you want to download from. Go to the profile and look for the username as it can be easily found beneath the profile written next to the ‘@’ sign

  • Go to Insta Zoom

After the first step, go to your browser and type Instazoom the first result that appears on the search engine is the website that you want. Click on it and wait for the user-friendly interface to appear

  • Paste the Username

Once you are in, mention the username in the search box provided by the website. It will provide you with a drop-down menu to choose from. If you remember the profile username then you most probably would have remembered the profile Picture as well. Select the profile and click the ‘Search profile Photo’ icon.

  • Results are in
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Once you hit enter you will be presented with an HD photo that will blow your mind as you have seen a very short thumbnail-sized image on Instagram that is even hard to comprehend. Instazoom is a great tool for enhancing profile picture as it does not require any hassle.

You can also download the image from the download button provided next to the image and it will be downloaded on your smartphone or desktop.

What makes it different?

Insta Zoom is a popular tool for many reasons but mostly it’s known for:

  1. Anonymity: It maintains the anonymous nature of your profile. Since you are the one watching somebody’s profile picture in full form that is something that demands privacy and InstaZoom maintains it very well
  2. Free of Cost: Many tools are provided free but their features didn’t match that of InstaZoom it’s unique and also free which is a blessing in disguise because most of the tools are not offered free of cost until and unless you subscribe to them or make an account with them.
  3. Easy to use: Its user-friendly interface speaks volumes as a common man who is using it for the first time can easily understand it without any external help. Just enter the username and get the results that’s how easy it is.

Can I enlarge my Instagram Profile Picture

Yes, you can also enhance your profile picture, as well as download it so if you ever want the profile picture and that, is on your Instagram DP then you don’t need to worry because Instazoomer got you covered. The procedure would be the same as it will also require your username and upon hitting enter you will get your desired results in an even better HD format.

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Instagram Zoom is the best fix when it comes to profile picture downloading because nobody does it as easy as this tool it is also quite easy to use which makes it stand out from its competitors.

Before reading this article I am pretty sure you must be wondering how difficult it is to download profile photos from Instagram but towards the end, you must be feeling blessed to have absorbed an enormous amount of knowledge regarding the profile pictures and their downloading procedures.