How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website?

Instagram Feed on Website
Instagram Feed on Website
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Want to increase the charm and liveliness of the website using Instagram, then this article is just for you. In this blog, you will learn how to embed Instagram feed on website with ease. These are the most manageable ways to add Instagram feed, so you can adopt them right away and enjoy the benefits of this strategy.

In this age of internet and eCommerce dominance, it is essential to have a substantial online presence. It helps establish the brand in the internet space and creates an everlasting impression on consumers. And this is where the strategy of adding Instagram feed on website comes into play. It provides multiple benefits and helps the brand in reaching business goals.

And to jump onto this bandwagon, just adopt any of the techniques mentioned below.

Simplest Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

To add Instagram feeds to the website, you are merely required to follow a few simple steps, and within seconds your website will be showcasing Instagram feeds without any annoyance. These two methods are easy to adopt and have the potential to provide some incredible outcomes.

#1 Using Social Media Aggregator Tool

Social media aggregators have entirely changed the marketing scenario. It now stands as one of the essential marketing tools for business, as it helps brands add grace to their respective websites.

Social media aggregators help users collect social media feeds from their desired platforms and then display them in a presentable manner on the website. Social media aggregators provide a dedicated Instagram widget that seamlessly displays the Instagram feed on the website without any hassle.

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To embed Instagram feed on website using social media aggregator, all you need to do is – select the appropriate social media aggregator for your website, collect the Instagram feed using the tool, copy the embedding code and paste it onto the backend of the website. And this is it, a few simple steps, and your website will be showcasing an Instagram feed.

You can even use different social media aggregator features to add significance to this tool. For example, you can personalize the widget according to your need by changing font size, font style, etc. It even allows users to moderate the content and remove the posts that they think are inappropriate for the website.

Custom CSS, responsive design, Custom CTA, and analytics are other major features.

#2 Using Instagram Embedding Code

You might be well aware that Instagram provides an embedding code for each post. So, to embed Instagram posts on your website using this code, all you need to do is copy that embedding code and paste it onto the backend of your website.

But this approach has certain constraints. Firstly, you cannot customize the widget to power your needs like you use social media aggregators. Secondly, you need to follow the whole process every time you look to embed a new post on the website.

So if you want to avoid employing any tool for your website and are very particular about selecting the posts for your website, then this method is recommended.

In Conclusion

No one can deny that Instagram is one of the most influential and powerful social media platforms. By integrating it with your website, you can enjoy some amazing benefits. So what are you waiting for? Embed Instagram feed on your website now and achieve your business goals.

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