How to enable Smart Alert on your Samsung smartphone

Anyone with a hectic schedule who doesn’t spend their whole day browsing the internet for brand experiences may miss a number of alerts, including phone calls. And leaving these folks in a vacuum is not polite (except in cases of telemarketing and collection, of course).

When a critical message or missed call occurred in the past, a notification LED would flash. Everything is now condensed to a notification centre, which collects a tonne of tiny icons that even the most disinterested users may miss.

In order to keep users aware of the most crucial missed calls and texts, Samsung developed Smart Alert, a function that is available on all of its phones.

In this article, we’ll discuss Samsung cellphones’ Smart Alert in greater detail and go through its settings.

How does Smart Alert work?

Very simply.

When Smart Alert is turned on, the phone will vibrate briefly each time you pick it up from a surface. This alerts the user that they have received a crucial call or SMS message but have not yet read it.

For individuals who don’t want to miss any attempts to contact someone significant or pertinent, the function is quite appreciated. However, because the phone vibrates every time you pick it up, it might result in a bigger battery drain. The cost is still there, however, and in this instance, the moral consequences exceed the collateral.

How to enable Smart Alert

  1. Go to Samsung Phone Settings with One UI.
  2. In Settings, access the Advanced Functions item.
  3. Now, access the Moves and Gestures item.
  4. Finally, flip the Smart Alert or Smart Alert switch.
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This option may be located immediately in the Advanced Functions tab of the settings on your Samsung smartphone, but this will depend on the type of Samsung smartphone you have. And when it has been engaged, you will not need to restart your phone in order for it to take effect since the function will be active immediately.

Are there other alternatives?

Users who are more easily distracted or who are worried about battery life may choose alternative choices, either to substitute for or to supplement the Smart Alert function.

Edge Lighting is a feature that may be selected, and it is available on Samsung mobile devices. It is possible that this may use more battery power than Smart Alert does, but ultimately, the decision is yours to make. This will cause the screen of your phone to illuminate whenever you get a notice.

Edge Lighting may be activated by going to Settings > Display > Edge Display and then activating the Edge lighting switch from there. You have control over the appearance of this feature, giving you the ability to choose the colour, effect, width, and duration of the effect.

Another solution is provided by One UI in the form of a notification reminder. This function causes the device in question to show the notifications you have designated as being of the utmost significance at regular intervals.

To begin using the function, go to the “Settings” menu, then “Accessibility” > “Advanced Settings,” and choose the “Notification Reminder” option. In this section, you may choose the applications that are compatible with this option, pick the amount of time the phone will run with the feature (in minutes), and enable the Play Sound and Vibrate functions associated with the feature.


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