How to Identify a Short Print Baseball Card

How to Identify a Short Print Baseball Card
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What is a Short Print Baseball Card?

A short print (SP) baseball card is a kind of card made in smaller numbers compared to the usual ones in a set. The start of short prints goes back to the early days of making cards, where the total number of cards in a set didn’t always match the number on a printing sheet. This caused some cards to be made less often than others.

In recent times, the idea of short print baseball cards has changed. Card makers now use short prints to make a set more rare and valuable. They often include different pictures of a player’s usual card, which are normally for famous players or All-Stars. Also, some sets might have famous past players or new players in smaller numbers than current players.

Figuring out a short print card can be tough because there’s usually no clear sign on the front of the card. But, one good way is to look at the printing code on the back of the card. This code, found in small font at the bottom, ends in a set of numbers that are different for usual cards, short prints, and super short prints. For example, in the 2020 Topps Series 1, “269” shows a usual card, while “284” and “285” mean short prints and super short prints.

Visually, short prints may show the player in different clothes, in non-sporting scenes, or in casual moments like dugout pictures. These differences make them more special compared to the usual action pictures found on base cards.

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Determining if a Baseball Card is a Short Print

Identifying a short print (SP) baseball card, especially from the Topps series, involves a few simple steps:

  • Card Number Checking: SP cards often have a number that’s not the same as the usual cards in the set. You can see this number at the bottom, on either the front side or the back side of the card. For example, in the 2022 Topps Series 2, the regular cards end with #847, the SPs with #865, and the super SPs with #866.
  • Backside Code Reading: Turn the card around and look at the tiny writing at the bottom. There’s a big number there. The last three numbers show if it’s a regular, SP, or super SP card. Like, in some sets, 543 shows a regular card, 560 an SP, 561 a super SP, and 562 an ultra SP.
  • Visual Signs: SP cards often have different pictures than regular cards, like players in different uniforms, players in regular clothes, fun photos, or pictures in batting cages or dugouts. If you know the regular set well, you might spot a different photo on the front of the card.
  • Use Online Help: Websites like have guides and pictures for different SPs and variations from each set, which can help you identify these cards.

Remember, the way to spot SPs can change between different card series and years. Always use the latest and most relevant information for the set you’re looking at.

Why Might Someone Want SP Baseball Cards?

People might look for SP (short print) baseball cards for several reasons:

  • Rarity and Value: SP cards are made in smaller numbers than regular cards, making them more rare. This rarity often means they are worth more, especially for collectors and people who want to invest. A card’s rarity can really make it more interesting and valuable in the market.
  • Unique Pictures and Design: SP cards usually have special images or designs that you don’t see on regular cards. This can include casual moments, different uniforms, or players in everyday situations. For collectors who like the look and stories behind baseball cards, these unique designs can be very attractive.
  • Collecting Fun: For those who like collecting, getting SP cards can be a great part of the hobby. Finishing a set that includes rare SP cards can be a big achievement for a collector.
  • Investment Potential: Since they are rare and different, SP cards can be a smart choice for investing. As time goes on, these cards could get more valuable, especially if the player gets more well-known or does really well in their career.
  • Personal Connection: Collectors may want SP cards of their favorite players or teams, adding a personal touch to their collection. The special aspects of SP cards can give a closer connection to loved players or famous moments in sports history.
  • Love for the Hobby: For many collectors, looking for SP cards is a key part of the fun of the hobby. The excitement of finding and having a rare card can make collecting even more enjoyable.
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In short, SP baseball cards are popular for their rarity, unique design, fun to collect, potential as an investment, personal connection, and the excitement they bring to the hobby.

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