How to Impress at the Office—5 Tips that Really Work

How to Impress at the Office—5 Tips that Really Work
How to Impress at the Office—5 Tips that Really Work
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One of the greatest sources of stress and anxiety at work, particularly when you’re new, is how to impress your colleagues and your bosses. The issue isn’t about success as much as fitting in, and doing your job well. Of course, if you happen to move up the ladder, all well and good. But if you don’t, report with others will make for a less stressful work environment, and help you develop good relationships with co-workers. This makes working a very positive experience. 

This article will discuss several tips on making an impact, from corporate workwear to how to develop good relationships with colleagues. Here’s how you get it right at the office.

Dress Well

Dressing smartly serves to give the impression that you take pride in what you do, and gives off a sense that you’ll be just as careful in how you work.

There’s no need to go overboard! It looks inappropriate to wear, for instance, a bow tie and tails to work, but a smart shirt gives just the look that others will be impressed by.

Corporate workwear needn’t be dull. It can instead be something simple, with clean lines and comfortable material that causes the minimum of sweat. Especially in the Australian heat! Workwear can now be both comfortable and visually impressive.

Develop Rapport with Your Colleagues

Working with others can be challenging at the best of times. Personalities differ, and opinions can be very strong, especially where people believe they have firm evidence to back up their claims. Here’s how to navigate this.

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Get to Know Your Colleagues

Take a little time to get to know your colleagues, and what challenges they face both at and outside of work. Remember, you can only be trusted insofar as you’re trustworthy. So, refrain from all gossip. People will trust you if they see you never say a negative word about others. This will get noticed—even by those higher up. 

Give Practical Assistance Where You Can

Where and when you’re able to, offer to help. It may be with a small task at work. Or it could be to provide a listening ear. Perhaps you could help someone out after work. You can even engage others to assist as well. 

The team-building efforts won’t go unnoticed, but be sure you’re not just doing them to go up the ladder. People will quickly suss you out, and reject your efforts. 

Secondly, be aware of people who will treat you as a doormat. Refusing to do something for someone can also be healthy, if you feel that person isn’t pulling their weight. 

Understand Personality Types

One of the most beneficial things to do in a team is to understand personality types, especially using, for instance, the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory. It assists you in knowing others’ strengths and weaknesses, and how to work within that. It helps you make up for their area of weakness, and draw on their strengths.

In this way, you’ll not only impress, but build a positive working environment for yourself.

Work Hard, Work Efficiently

It’s a good idea to always pull your weight, and go above and beyond what’s expected.

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If you don’t understand something, ask. It’s important not to drag your team down by making unnecessary mistakes. 

What’s more, develop the technique of working efficiently. Stop the idle chitchat whilst at your desk, and chat only when taking a break. (And DO take breaks). 

If you find your concentration wavering, go for a short walk, and come back refreshed. These days, there are good white noise podcasts to enable you to put on your earphones and focus on the task at hand. Of course, that may not always be possible if you regularly need to answer the phone, but it really helps if it suits your job description.

Play Hard

At first glance, this point doesn’t seem to have anything to do with work. However, when you relax well, it benefits your ability to work with excellence. So, do you have sports or hobbies you pursue to relax and recharge? 

The increased sense of relaxation and wellbeing will enable you to work at peak performance. You may even be influenced to work harder in order to be able to pay for more play-experiences.

Have the Correct Approach to the Boss

Whilst this is controversial, it’s well known that your ability to get on with your boss can make or break your enjoyment of work. Even if you have an extremely difficult boss, there are ways and means of finding the way to approach them in a way that enables them to feel supported.

It might not be possible at the beginning of your career, but age and maturity will help you learn the skills and achieve this goal. Eventually, you’ll be able to work anywhere with anyone without their traits limiting your abilities or blocking your progress. 

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Impressing at work includes deep, meaningful engagement with others and with your work. This will help create a healthy working environment, and enable you to thrive. Never make the mistake of doing these things for the wrong reason, but do enable yourself to prosper and be happy throughout your career. 

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