How to Make a Dog Cone More Comfortable?

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Seeing your dog in an uncomfortable Elizabeth cone can make you feel bad. Your dog might find it hard to eat, sleep or walk around the home. Some dogs get used to the cone quickly, while others find it more challenging.

Firstly, the owner needs to know why dogs need these E-collars? The vet suggests a dog cone in case of surgery if wounds need to heal or if there are any other skin issues. These dog cones prevent your pet from licking the wounds, chewing the stitches or scratching the infected area. The vet advised that licking or touching the wounds can delay the healing process.

According to a veterinarian survey, almost 77.4% of participants witnessed the poor quality of life for their dogs with a cone on. This means less nutrition taking and mental health behavioral issues. It was due to difficulty in eating and inability to play.

How long your dog needs to wear the E-collar? Well, only a veterinarian can tell if the dog cone will stay for a few days or weeks.

1- Keep the Cone on

Keep the cone on if you want your dog to get comfortable with it. You might feel sorry for him and try to remove it as soon as you find him struggling. Stop! It is better to be strict and consistent with the cone, so your dog can adjust to it.

Moreover, it will help the post-surgery wounds to heal faster, allowing your dog to recover soon. In fact, you should only remove the cone on rare occasions. A small extra effort can help your dog to keep the dog on.

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2- Add a Cushion

To make your dog more comfortable with the dog cone, it is advised to put a cushion, gauze, towel or any other calming agent in the space between the cone neckline and your dog’s skin.

You can either use a pet cushion or a rolled towel to save your pet from excessive irritation. Otherwise, soft dog cone cushions are also available in the pet shops.

3- Make Feeding Bowls More Accessible

Feeding difficulty is one of the significant problems associated with dog cones. With an Elizabeth collar on, your dog will not be able to eat in regular pet bowls on the floor. The reason is that your dog cone may hurt his neck while bowing to eat from the bowl.

However, there is nothing to worry about. You can raise the pet bowl to a certain height. Now unique high feeding bowls are available in the market for injured pets. It helps them eat enough food properly.

4- Clear Routes to Make Extra Space

Dog cones can limit your pet’s visibility. While wearing an Elizabeth collar, your dog’s mind finds it hard to navigate things in the already familiar place. The reason is that they are unable to manage the space with an additional cone. Also, the dog will take a couple of days to roam around with the cone on easily.

You can help your dog by changing the interior settings in this scenario. For instance, pushing the chairs in, putting large items away from the path, and removing extra obstacles from the walkways. Moreover, guide your dogs through hallways and doors to prevent further injury.

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5- Provide a Comfy Bed

Make his bed more accessible and extra soft to provide him with all the comfort. If your dog sleeps on a bed frame, shift his beddings to the floor to avoid more obstacles. If your dog gets enough sleep with a dog cone, he will be happy and active during the day.

6- Use an Alternative

Instead of using regular complex god cones, you can also use any alternative to it. Now several alternative options are available in the market, or you can also DIY one of them for your dog. You can use the following alternatives for your dog:

Protective Garments

Pet shops have specially designed soft, sleek dresses for your dogs that cover their injured area. In this way, it prevents your pet from licking the infected area again and again. Moreover, they are tight enough to move so that it would not affect the wound dressing.

However, it is necessary to keep the suit clean to avoid further infection.

Soft Cones

Soft cones are more accessible than regular traditional stiff cones. It includes padded fabric or inflatable donut-like neck cushions. However, getting the right size is crucial to fit your dog’s neck easily.

Protective Socks

A simple sock or dedicated socks-like product is more appropriate in case of a foot or leg injury. However, you should consult your veterinarian before using any other product.

7- Give Rewards

You can give tasty treats rewards to your dog for keeping the cone on for long. Make sure to add love words and praises. Try to calm him with words that he would love to hear from you. Encouraging words can do wonders to relax your pet. These small actions will make your dog feel that he is doing the exact thing.

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Recovery from an injury is usually time-consuming and stressful for the animal. Allow them to lean on your body and find physical peace too.

8- Try it Together

As a friend and owner, you can better understand your pet’s feelings and vice versa. Your dog might get fierce as to why he needs to wear this Elizabeth collar. Tangled in a dog cone, it is a difficult time for your dog. Try to pass out from hardship together.

Try his favorite activities like puzzles and ball catching to divert his attention from the collar. A few entertaining mind games will make him forget about the cone.


No matter which soft cushions you use, it is going to be a little uncomfortable with your pet. It’s time to know how strong is your pet-owner relationship. A little extra effort and mindful techniques will make it easy to pass the tough time.