How to make cold calls successful

cold calls
How to make cold calls successful

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Consider cold calls introductions, not pitches.

In the past, cold calling was commonly associated with manipulating prospects to buy something they did not want or need.

I suggest you update your outlook on cold calling to the 21st century if that’s how you view it. A cold call is only the first step in identifying and meeting a customer’s needs today.

There is a very high probability that no one will pay attention to you and decide to buy your products on the first call. One out of ten thousand. You can increase your chances of converting by planning a series of sales calls.

Develop a script to help you cope with performance anxiety.

It is natural to feel anxious when you call a stranger. When you are nervous, you might find that you talk a bit more slowly, tripped over words, and used a few too many ums and uhs.

That’s why it’s recommended you prepare a cold calling script (which you can continually adjust) if you tend to stumble over your pitch.

The usefulness of sales scripts is in dispute. Rather than mindlessly reading from a piece of paper, you should take the time to reflect. Otherwise, you might come across as false, uncaring, and fake.

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Writing a sales script is really an exercise in thinking through what you wish to say. Using a sales script as a jumping-off point instead of following it word for word is an excellent strategy once you become comfortable with it.

You should practice the call before you dial the first number and use name strategies and a good tone of voice. Consider recording yourself as well so you can review your introduction to make sure you’re confident and not overwhelmed.

Sales professionals can also study call recordings made with prospects using cold calling tools like Myphoner, allowing them to refine their approach based on the information they obtained.

Make cold calls as efficiently as possible.

Prepare yourself for a successful cold call by creating a supportive environment before beginning to contact sales leads. To illustrate:

  • Multitasking is not recommended. Distracted people are hard to talk to. Furthermore, distraction can make you seem like you don’t care, in addition to causing frustrating pauses. Maintaining your focus when speaking with someone for the first time is even more crucial the first time. Remove any distractions like a TV and computer, make sure you have nothing to fidget with, and leave other projects for later.
  • Put together a list of questions in advance. You can keep things flowing by having a few questions at the ready to ask your prospect. This will prevent awkward silences and prove you are well informed.
  • Noise from outside should be blocked. An unprofessional background noise interrupting your sales call is the last thing you need. While you’re closing, make sure you’re in a quiet, secluded room without anyone bothering you.
  • Take a look in a mirror. Until you’re comfortable smiling while making calls, look in the mirror to remind yourself that you’re not speaking to a sales lead, but to another human being. While you record practice calls, try smiling for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how different your delivery will sound.
  • Take a headset with you. Invest in a good headset and arrange your workspace to encourage a positive and enthusiastic attitude. With your hands free, you can take notes or find the information you need without causing shoulder and neck fatigue.
  • You can find software that optimizes cold-calling workflows. Power dialers, for example, are great for increasing productivity and reducing distractions. Myphoner could be this software, but it does not have to be. You can look for something intuitive elsewhere on the market.
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Create a voicemail message

The goal of answering every telephone call is not realistic, but we would love to do so.

You can capture your prospects’ interest when you leave them a voicemail, which may encourage them to consider taking your next call.

Set up a voicemail format that is short, yet not rushed. Be sure you smile when you send a message introducing yourself, briefly describing what value you can provide, and leaving contact information!

Scheduling breaks

Avoid making cold calling seem like a marathon. Spend five minutes stretching and clearing your mind after each half-hour.

Taking time to acknowledge your progress in generating sales leads is also a good thing to do.


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