How to make virtual meetings even more engaging

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This post was most recently updated on May 4th, 2022

Virtual team building activities may be more thrilling than you think. Virtual meetings have become common practice, not just owing to COVID-19. We live in an age when virtual meetings and conferences are becoming increasingly popular for people from across the world to connect. Virtual team building activities can strengthen your team spirit and are solutions for many HR issues. Unlike in the past when bosses traveled by plane constantly, employees now work from home and communicate over platforms such as Zoom, MS Teams and others with their microphone and webcam.

Online conferences provide a unique opportunity for virtual team building.

It’s a great thing to be able to connect with co-workers all over the world and share ideas. It might become monotonous at times since there are less interactions between people than during live events. What do you think if we tell you that a virtual staff meeting can become even more thrilling? Your virtual meetings not only inform and promote an exchange between the participants, but they also bring your teams together.

What is virtual team building, and how does it work?

A virtual team building approach mixes remote workers together and forms relationships with them by using various communication methods in an office-like atmosphere.Transparency and trust are crucial for online transactions since communication is virtually instantaneous. Create a culture of accountability by tracking progress and providing regular reports. Team leaders must take particular measures to keep the team active during virtual team building exercises.

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Ideas for virtual team building activities

What are some innovative ways to use virtual team building activities to improve and intensify your meetings? There are a number of amazing gatherings that may bring your people together. Here are our favorites:

1. Virtual cocktail class

2. Virtual music trivia night

3. Virtual group fitness class

4. Virtual scavenger hunts with app

5. Virtual drum classes

6. Online Escape Rooms

1. Virtual cocktail class:

Forget about any happy hour; it’s time to step up your game and embrace the virtual world with a virtual cocktail class! This is an excellent method to get everyone engaged while learning something new. We’ll send you a cocktail kit with everything you need to make three delicious cocktails, and our bartenders will take care of the event live on the camera.

2. Virtual Music Quiz & Trivia Show

We’ll have a virtual music quiz with performances by your preferred artists. The musicians will perform live in front of the camera, and you may guess what they’re playing based on clues given by our long-term partners! Participate in funny competitions that ask wacky trivia queries. If you’re seeking for a genuine music challenge, consider joining this fantastic virtual team-building activity with your group.

3. Virtual group fitness class

Many of us work from home and neglect to exercise as much as we should. That’s why we provide virtual group fitness sessions so you may stay active and healthy while working remotely! Join our virtual group fitness session with a live instructor and get your daily workout in. These classes are ideal for people of all skill levels.

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4. A virtual scavenger hunt

Then we’ll drop you in the middle of an epic journey across America to discover nature and challenge your pals. A scavenger hunt app isn’t always for virtual activities, but it does encourage people from different places to interact. With a virtual scavenger hunt, you can compete in teams and tackle intriguing issues while being assisted by our software. You may play from anywhere in the world, making it an ideal method to meet new people and have fun!

5. The virtual drum class

Teams can get a sense of rhythm by taking part in virtual drum lessons via the internet. Each participant receives his or her own cajon, which is their instrument for the virtual drum class. The cajon is a box-shaped percussion instrument that may be played with either hands and produces an excellent team building sound. Teams may connect with one another and learn how to play rhythms in unison thanks to virtual drum lessons. This activity is ideal for team bonding.

6. Escape Games Online

Escape rooms are perfect for team building because they necessitate cooperation and communication to overcome the puzzles. These internet escape rooms are ideal for encouraging people to work together in order to attain a shared goal. There’s something for everyone in this eclectic escape room community. Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular as people search for means to interact with others while maintaining a safe distance. The possibilities are endless, and each session offers unique thrills at different difficulties.

It’s time to give value to virtual meetings once again.

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You may add value to almost every virtual meeting by utilizing virtual team-building exercises. These activities may enhance fun, provide energy, and even teach individuals about one another. Virtual team building activities may be the answer if you’re searching for fresh and unique ways to keep your employees engaged.