How To Make Your Car Exhaust Noiseless 

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The Top Signs Your Car Needs an Exhaust Service Now
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Your noisy exhaust probably stresses you out every time your car starts. It’s annoying enough to deal with car exhaust noise – but it could mean your vehicle is more damaged than you think. 

The noise from your car exhaust could be because of a block in its exhaust system, leakage, or some component that may be loose and clanking against the car exhaust pipe. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to know its actual cause. 

Read this article to learn about why the issue of car exhaust noise happens and tips on how you can reduce these car exhaust sound & make your car noiseless. 

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Why Is Your Car Exhaust Noisy?

Your car exhaust is noisy because of an issue with the exhaust system. Let’s go over the common problems you may encounter with it and why it happens:

  1. HISSING/ TAPPING NOISES: This usually happens when there are leaks or issues with the exhaust pipe that need to be identified. Besides, tapping noises usually mean there could be a leakage or less fuel in the manifold.
  2. ROARING NOISE: When you hear this noise, it’s an indicator that there are issues with your car exhaust pipe. Check to see any holes or tears in this pipe along with the silencer box.
  3. RATTLING NOISE: You’ll notice this noise when you drive. It happens because the components of your exhaust system are not in the right place. This means it’s time to adjust the position of the exhaust and its components to make sure it’s aligned correctly. 
  4. BROKEN TAILPIPE: The tailpipe in your car exhaust system helps release unwanted fumes from your car. If it’s broken or damaged in any way, it becomes hazardous to drive with as it causes leakage and can start fires.
  5. RUSTED SILENCER: The silencer in your car exhaust system filters out the sound that your car exhaust system makes. When it’s rusting, it starts to wear out, and the muffler can start being extremely noisy and emitting bad fumes.
  6. FAULTY BACK BOX: A back box is responsible for lowering car exhaust sound when gas is produced in the system. When it’s damaged or faulty, it doesn’t help with reducing noise in the car exhaust system.
  7. DIRT COLLECTION: When debris collects on the surface of your car exhaust system in great amounts – it can clog the system. That’s why it helps to maintain the exhaust system often. 
  8. CATALYTIC CONVERTER ISSUE: Without a catalytic converter, your car won’t be able to keep out pollutants and stay efficient while driving. When there’s an issue, your engine will work slowly & make your car exhaust noisy.
  9. LEAKAGE: Believe it or not, a leak in your car exhaust system can make it noisy. It mainly happens when you begin driving the car and notice that your engine is underperforming. Fix this issue soon & prevent driving until repaired.
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What Should I Do To Fix Car Exhaust Noise?

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To fix car exhaust noise, here are the 2 steps you’ll take-  

Repair it: If you hear car exhaust sounds like hissing, bad sensors, dirt build-up, or other minor issues like vibrations, you can opt for repairs. It’s important to figure out the issue early and get to repairing car exhaust at the earliest – or they can turn into permanent problems/

Get a replacement: When car exhaust issues are too extreme – such as a bad car exhaust pipe, burnt or damaged car exhausts, and even worn out ones – it’s important to get a replacement quickly before driving again instead of using the same faulty car exhaust.

For temporary fixes

  • You can seal small holes or take care of minor leaks with epoxy sealers to block any leakage for a short period.
  • If the silencer or the car exhaust pipe of your exhaust system is damaged, you can pick a rubber adhesive to cover it.
  • You can also use exhaust repair tapes that can hold on pretty well for minor leakage issues.
  • Reduce the amount of noise coming from a tailpipe by inserting some decibel slayer, as it acts like a temporary silencer and can be used when money is low. 

In A Nutshell 

The main issue that causes car exhaust noise is a bad or damaged exhaust system. This can be a result of blockage, leaks, misalignment of inner working parts, holes, or other visible damages in the system, etc. 

Driving with a noisy exhaust system is not safe and should be avoided. This is because a bad car exhaust system can actually damage your engine and even stop it from working permanently.

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