How to operate an Electrical Panel In Your Home

operate an electrical panel

Operating an electrical panel may seem intimidating, but have no fear; it is simpler than it looks. With a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to operate your electrical panel with zero stress.

First off, what is an electrical panel? An electrical panel, a circuit breaker panel or a fuse box is the brain of your home’s electrical system. Electrical panels are responsible for allocating power to different areas of your home and protecting the electrical circuits from overloading. Inside your home’s electrical panel will be a series of breakers. Every breaker manages a single circuit, which typically corresponds to a room or a section of your home.

So where can you find your home’s electrical panel? Most of the time, electrical panels are in a metal box with a door that somebody can open to access the breakers. Electrical panels are usually built into a wall of your home. This could be an out-of-the-way wall, like behind the door to the laundry room, in the garage, or the basement.

Now that you have located your electrical panel, it is time to open it up and assess the breakers inside. It is essential to identify the main breaker. The main circuit breaker controls the power to your entire home. Usually, the main circuit breaker is the largest breaker at the top or bottom of the panel. Simply flip the switch to the off position to shut off power to your entire home.

Along with the main breaker, you will also notice individual breakers. The individual breakers inside the electrical panel deliver power to specific parts of your home. They might distribute power to lights or outlets in a particular room. Each of these breakers is labelled with the name of the circuit it controls. Some of these labels might read “Garburator,” “Outlet,” “Light,” or “Dryer.”

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Occasionally, you may experience a tripped breaker. A circuit breaker will trip when the circuit has become overloaded. For example, if you’ve got the microwave on and a smoothie going in the blender, there is a good chance that you might trip the breaker. The breaker will automatically shut off to prevent the circuit from overheating.

To reset a tripped breaker, first, turn off the power to the items that caused the breaker to trip. In this case, the microwave and the blender. Next, go to your electrical panel and open it up. Find the tripped breaker, push the switch entirely to the off position, and flip the switch back to the on position. Remember that if you have followed these steps and the breaker continues to trip, there may be an underlying electrical issue. If that is the case, it is best to contact an electrician.

With these simple guidelines, you should now know how to operate an electrical panel. Remember to assess and inspect your electrical panel with caution. If you trip a breaker, ensure you have killed the power to the suspected items that caused the trip. If you ever feel uncomfortable operating your electrical panel, contact an electrician to assist you.

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