How to organize a trip to Morocco for two weeks


Morocco is a country with many contrasts. It perfectly combines modern architecture and culture with monuments of the distant past. A luxurious modern shopping center borders the market, and an ancient mosque rises behind the facade of a hotel oriented towards wealthy Europeans.

Miraculously, material and spiritual wealth harmonize here, immersing the tourist in the wonderful world of pleasure. The history of the country is presented in the palm of your hand in the sights of the incredible Rabat – the capital of Morocco. In addition, this city is rich in beautiful parks, alleys, and unique architecture. This article gives you all the descriptions you need to have Morocco tailor-made tours for as long as you decide.

What do you need to know before traveling to Morocco?

Where it is located: The country is in the northwest of the African continent. Morocco borders Algeria, Mauritania, and through the Strait of Gibraltar with Spain and Portugal.

When is the season: Morocco is located in the Northern Hemisphere – winter and summer in the country coincide with some Europe countries’ seasons. In summer, it is hot there – up to +35 ° С. In autumn, the sweltering heat is no longer there, and the water in the Atlantic Ocean is still warm. In winter, it is cool in the mountains – up to +5 °С, but in cities, it is quite comfortable – about +20 °С. Spring is warm; there is little rain and no cold wind.

Suppose you go to Morocco in October, November, and April. You’ll get more comfortable in spring because it is warmer in the mountains than in autumn: the temperature did not drop below +10 °C.

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How to get around Morocco in 14 days

  • Visa: Not all countries need a visa to travel to Morocco for up to 90 days. Upon entry, a stamp with an individual number is stamped on the passport, and you’ll be asked to fill out an arrival form during your Morocco travel.
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham, 1 Dh ($0.095). It is better to change money at an exchanger in the city, where the exchange rate is more profitable than at the airport. You can pay by card in restaurants and hotels, but you need cash in the market, in the mountains, or in a taxi. It is forbidden to take dirhams left at the end of the trip out of the country – they must be exchanged for dollars or euros at the airport.
  • Languages: Arabic, Berber, French. There is a large Spanish-speaking population in the north of the country. In tourist places, the staff speaks English, but the menu in cafes and road signs is in French.

How to plan a route

It seems to me that the ideal duration of a trip to Morocco is two weeks. During this time, tourists manage to drive a ring route throughout the country, for example:

  • A day in Casablanca;
  • 2 days at most in the blue city of Chefchaouen;
  • 2 days in Fes;
  • a 4-day trip through the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara;
  • 2 days in Marrakech;
  • 1 day in Essaouira;
  • And finally, 2 days of rest on the ocean coast.

If any of these points is not interesting, the number of days of the trip can be reduced or added, for example, a beach holiday in the vicinity of Agadir. There is beautiful nature, deserted beaches, and surfers’ rides in the villages adjacent to the city on the coast. I do not recommend staying in Agadir since there are no attractions in the resort and many people on the beach.

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You can always start your trip from Casablanca: there are convenient flights there. But if you don’t want to go north to Tangier or Chefchaouen, it’s better to fly to Marrakesh. It is located in the center of the country, and from it, it is convenient to go to the mountains, desert, or ocean.

Every city in Morocco has a medina – the old center where the sights are concentrated. They walk along it and move on mules, donkeys, or scooters. The most interesting cities in Morocco are Chefchaouen, Marrakech, Fez, and Essaouira. I advise you to visit them during your exclusive Morocco tours, even if you prefer natural attractions.


Morocco luxury tours are usually easy and perfect when you have a luxury Morocco travel agency planning your trip. You’ll get the best of Morocco tours that way and have the best experience as a tourist. We recommend you use the services of Luxury Tours Morocco and select a Morocco deluxe package for the journey regardless of how long you plan to stay.

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