How to Play the Aviator Game Online in India 2023

Game Online in India 2023
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How to Play the Aviator Game Online in India?

The game Aviator is very popular in India. It is actively played by professional gamblers. There are several reasons for this. Its main advantages:

  • Simple and clear rules;
  • Quick winnings;
  • Two screens to bet;
  • Dynamism of the gameplay;
  • Publication of statistics of the last rounds;
  • High odds of winning, especially at low odds;
  • Percentage payout 97;
  • Availability of demo mode;
  • Checking the honesty of the results;
  • The presence of manual and automatic mode of play.

You can use the game Aviator in many online casinos, the list of which is presented on the site Although the game is really simple, due to the fact that the gameplay is not similar to the others many players have a logical question. How to play Aviator? That is exactly what you will learn today in this article. Also you shall get a lot of useful information. It will help you to successfully bet and win.

About Aviator Game Online

The essence of the game Aviator is that the player is watching the plane take off. The main task is to predict when it will fly away. If you are on time, you can take your winnings. If not, you lose everything. The amount of winnings is calculated as follows: the size of bet multiplied by the coefficient. An important and interesting feature is that the value of the quotation depends on the altitude of the plane. Therefore, the higher it takes off, the more profitable it is. The game itself has a full-fledged internal chat. In it, players can communicate. Aviator is a multiplayer entertainment. On the left side you can see a list of all participants in the round. There you may also see the size of their bets, the odds at which they took theirs and the amount of their winnings. In addition, there are also statistics. you can see the entire history of victories for the year. This allows you to analyze the game and increase your chances of winning. 

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Websites and applications for playing Aviator

You certainly can’t wait to learn how to play this wonderful and fascinating game. But first of all you need to decide and choose a place to use. Since Aviator falls under the quotation of gambling – you can play it in an online casino. True, despite its popularity not all sites and applications still have this game in their collection. Check out the best online casinos where you can play Aviator:

  • Parimatch;
  • Dafabet;
  • 1win;
  • RajaBets;
  • MostBet.

These are the 5 best online casinos that allow you to play Aviator Indians. All of these companies are completely legal and safe. They have websites and programs for mobile devices. You can go to any of them and start playing Aviator for real money after registration.


Aviator differs from many gambling games in that it is very simple. However, given that this gameplay is not found anywhere else, some players will be difficult at the start. And so your actions should be as follows:

  1. Open the official website of any of the online casinos presented above;
  2. Log in to your account. Or create one if you haven’t registered yet;
  3. Next, you will need to make a deposit. There are several popular and convenient payment methods for residents of India to do this;
  4. In the game tab, find Aviator and click on it;
  5. Wait for the next round to start;
  6. You have two windows where you can make two different wagers;
  7. Specify the amount and click on “bet”;
  8. Wait for the desired odds and stop the game.
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You can also place limits. When you reach a certain odds the game shall end automatically or you will need to stop it manually. It already depends on how you like it. Once your winnings have been credited to the game account – you can withdraw the money by any of the available methods. 

Winning Strategies Aviator

First and foremost, every player must understand that gambling without risk is no way. No matter how well you do not calculate everything, you are not sure of his victory – there is still a chance to lose. However, there are some kinds of schemes that can help you increase the chances of success. You may read about them below:

  • Bet large amounts and take your winnings at small odds. Most often in this strategy, players expect a quote of no more than 1.5. This value falls quite often. That way, you can make good money at a small rate. But there are still risks;
  • Make paired bets. For this you do not need a small bank. The essence is that you can make one bet with a limit of 1.5, and with the second in the manual mode to wait for high odds. Thus, with the competent allocation of funds you may minimize the risks;
  • Increasing and decreasing. This strategy is also applied with a good bank. Its essence is that after each loss you increase the bet amount, and after winning you go back to the minimum value.

If you use at least one of these strategies to Aviator online, your chances of winning will be much higher. Then in the case if you would just play at random. 

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Aviator demo version

For players Aviator developed a demo version. With its help you can get acquainted with the gameplay. You do not need to register and make a deposit. The demo version has several advantages:

  • You can assess the possibilities of the game without risk. Think through a strategy, analyze the frequency of profitable bets;
  • It is possible to get acquainted with the game in maximum detail. Get into all the nuances, understand it well, and get used to it;
  • You can understand what the maximum cash in this game may be counted on;
  • It is possible to test the tactics of winning. To choose the one that best suits you and then use it in the game for money;
  • To reach a new level. Many gamblers who long could not raise the bar of their earnings, after a demo version increased income from the winnings.

As you can see, the demo version has many advantages. But there is one disadvantage, just one – earned money in it may not be cashed. However, this is a feature of any demo mode – it is not designed to earn money. For this purpose there is the main version of the game.

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