How to Prepare for Tubing in the Harpers Ferry Area for Those With Hypertension  

How to Prepare for Tubing in the Harpers Ferry Area for Those With Hypertension  
How to Prepare for Tubing in the Harpers Ferry Area for Those With Hypertension  
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Harpers Ferry in West Virginia is an excellent mountain getaway. The region is located at the confluence of the Shenandoah River and the Potomac River, presenting a wide array of options for a tubing trip. You can opt for whitewater rafting in areas of the rivers with rapids or lazy river tubing.

Why Tubing in Harpers Ferry Is Popular

Tubing is a straightforward activity that entails grabbing a tube, hopping into a river, and enjoying a leisure float. Tubing in Harpers Ferry Area is a favorite summer activity for most people as the river beckons when the temperature rises. Aside from the calm waters, most tubers enjoy the wildlife and the scenery. Harpers Ferry has majestic wildlife (including bald eagles, golden eagles, and peregrine falcons), soaring cliffs, and lush landscapes of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Harpers Ferry River is the most preferred destination for tubing in the entire US.

Managing Hypertension

Blood pressure becomes prevalent with increasing age making older adults more susceptible. The first step in managing the development of hypertension is lifestyle modification via regular exercise. Aerobic exercises such as jogging, walking, and cycling minimize blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Learn more about ways to manage your hypertension with the help of CBD products by visiting CBDClinicals.

Causes of Hypertension

The cause of high blood pressure isn’t always straightforward, as it’s sometimes a result of an underlying issue. Primary hypertension develops independently, whereas secondary hypertension occurs due to another condition. It results from insulin resistance, obesity, and excessive alcohol intake.

Secondary hypertension is usually a complication of another health issue. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the leading cause of hypertension, as the kidneys no longer have the ability to filter out fluids. Excess fluids cause high blood pressure. Other conditions that subject an individual to hypertension include pregnancy, diabetes, sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism, and obesity.

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Individuals with hypertension may fail to notice any symptoms. High blood pressure damages blood vessels, the heart, and kidneys without detection. It’s always vital to assess your blood pressure routinely. In severe and rare cases, high blood pressure causes sweating, blushing, sleeping problems, and anxiety. Most people experience no symptoms, but a patient may experience nosebleeds and headaches if hypertension becomes severe.

Risk Factors

Multiple factors increase the risk of high blood pressure. They include:

  • Sex: Research indicates that males are more likely to develop hypertension than females. It’s, however, not the case after females reach menopause.
  • Age: High blood pressure is prevalent in individuals above 65 years. Blood pressure increases with age as arteries narrow and stiffen due to plaque buildup.
  • Weight: Obesity is the primary risk factor for high blood pressure.
  • Ethnicity: There are ethnic groups who are more susceptible to hypertension than others. African-Americans, for instance, are at a higher risk of hypertension than other ethnic groups.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use: Consuming large quantities of tobacco or alcohol on a regular basis increases blood pressure.
  • Existing health conditions: Chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and high levels of cholesterol subject one to the risk of hypertension.

Exercise Tips for Individuals With Hypertension

Making exercise a routine habit helps lower your blood pressure. It also provides adequate energy, an excellent way to feel better and ease stress. Check-in with a healthcare professional if you aren’t active to ensure you’re ready for exercise. Your doctor is more likely to recommend routine exercises as an active lifestyle is crucial for your blood pressure.

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You don’t necessarily need to visit a gym. It would be best if you were active to ensure your heartbeat goes a little faster, as well as your breathing. You can indulge in multiple activities, including swimming, jogging, lifting weights, biking, yard work, and river tubing. You can visit Harpers Ferry Area during summer to enjoy river tubing. If you have hypertension, you can follow the listed tips to prepare for the tubing experience beforehand.

Remember, Pacing Is Important

Pacing yourself when exercising is crucial. Those starting a program should aim at the lowest target zone, usually 50%, during the first weeks. You can gradually build up to a higher target zone of up to 85%. After six months of routine exercise, you can comfortably exercise and engage in river tubing.

Mix It Up

Ensure you add multiple activities to your workout. A wide range of activities allows you to stay motivated and interested. Include flexibility and strength goals using resistance bands, weights, stretching, and yoga exercises. The approach minimizes the possibility of injuries to allow you to maintain an excellent level of heart-healthy fitness for years.

Practice Breath Control

Ensure you breathe comfortably throughout the entire exercise routine, warm up, and cool down. Holding your breath for a long time may raise your blood pressure leading to muscle cramps. Regular deep breathing allows you to relax.

River Tubing Checklist

Whether you want to spend the whole day or a couple of hours in the Harpers Ferry Area, there are a few items you shouldn’t forget. Wear water shoes, a swimsuit, a life jacket, and sunscreen. Carry extra snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, a waterproof bag, and a cooler for your drinks and food. It would help if you also carried a change of clothes, a towel, and an additional pair of shoes to dry off after the adventure.

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Individuals with high blood pressure should engage in physical activities to manage their condition. Tubing in the Harpers Ferry Area and myriad other physical activities are crucial for the overall well-being of an individual.

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