How to Reactivate if Uber account disabled?


Uber is a brilliant application that has eased a lot of our worries and has made it very easy for us to travel anywhere. It is very simple to use Uber and book cars and autos for you but there are certain situations where you will find it difficult to use the application and this happens when your account is disabled. Generally speaking, this issue is very rare but it is present and drivers often see their Uber accounts disabled when they open the application. 

It is very frustrating when your Uber account disabled and you are not getting any reply from a user in response. In this guide, we are attempting to help you a little bit by telling you all about a disabled Uber account and how can you try to reactivate it. 

How to confirm if the account is disabled or not?

There are certain messages that will confirm whether your drivers’ account has been disabled or not. if you see these messages on your application screen then, you can be sure that your account is disabled. 

  1. Your Uber account needs attention
  2. The partner account you drive under has been disabled
  3. Your account has been placed on ON-HOLD
  4. Your profile status has been rejected

After this, it is very troubling as you can no longer reply to your emails or get passengers and this is why we are going to tell you how to reactivate Uber account

Steps to Reactive a disabled Uber account

Now, let me tell you that there are certain reasons why your account may have been disabled and we are going to give our solutions depending on the different issues. So, make sure to follow the process which suits your need. 

  • If your account has been disabled because of documents
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If this is the case, then you need to upload the document as soon as possible. You can also contact the Uber Greenlight Hub which will help you to immediately verify your documents and get your account reactivated very soon.

  • If your account has been disabled because of low ratings

If your Uber account deactivated permanently because of low ratings then, you need to look on and explore to see if there are some courses that will help you to improve your performance on the application. 

Hope that you have understood the methods with which you can reactivate your account.

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