How to Fix It When Yahoo Mail Is Not Receiving Emails

yahoo not receiving emails
yahoo not receiving emails
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Yahoo email is by far one of the most popular names in the email services world. There are tons of different email services that are being used for both personal and professional chores. It is heavily regarded as one of the best email services on the planet. 

But in recent years, Yahoo users have faced plenty of issues due to which it has lost its place among the top players in the emailing world. Issues such as not receiving emails on Yahoo accounts have left users frustrated. 

In case you are one such user who is looking for a way out of this mess, read this blog till the end to know how to get rid of this issue without having to worry too much about the same. 

Here are some simple fixes to resolve when Yahoo is not receiving emails on iPhone

Quick fixes for Yahoo not receiving emails

  • Via checking the spam folder

The filters and features available with the email service can also backfire at times since the default services can send important emails in the spam folder along with the ones that are not important. Although this does not happen often, it sure happens when you are in a hurry. 

How to Fix It When Yahoo Mail Is Not Receiving Emails?

This is why it is very essential for users to check the spam folder to ensure that the emails are not ending up somewhere where they are not supposed to. 

  • Check the filters
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Filters can be a boon and a bane, as mentioned above. The email service offers an option that allows users to sort the incoming emails as soon as they are sent. It comes as pretty convenient, but the feature is not flawless and can regularly cause inconvenience. 

How to Fix It When Yahoo Mail Is Not Receiving Emails

So before you rearrange the guts of your email folders, try to check the filter settings to better understand the cause of the error. Knowing about the folders that are being used by the filter can help the user to fix this issue with relative ease. 

  • Keep tabs on the “Reply-to” address

This feature may be the reason Yahoo mail is not receiving emails. So simply try to keep tabs on all the messages to ensure that they are going to the exact same location where they are supposed to go.

  • Check the block list

It is common knowledge that one may not receive any emails in case they have blocked an email address, no matter if you did it on purpose or not. Make use of the security and privacy section to check if you have blocked any email addresses like that, to fix this issue.

How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

This is it. These are some of the methods that can come in handy to fix Yahoo email receiving issues. 

In case you have any other queries about the platform of Yahoo or any other doubts in general, make way to the official website of Ityug247 to get all the answers that you seek, or simply access the help and support center of Yahoo to get all the answers that you seek in the first place. 

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