How to resolve Avast error code 16 on Windows PC?

How to resolve Avast error code 16 on Windows PC?

Avast antivirus is a popular security program for Windows devices. You can find various Avast plans for your system. Avast also offers free plans for PC and phone devices. This antivirus program is very reliable and you can easily scan the device and remove all malware. But sometimes, your antivirus can start showing an error code. One of the common errors is Avast error code 16. The error code appears and the antivirus stops working. Resolve your antivirus error and secure the PC from all threats.

Common reasons behind Avast error code 16

  1. Avast antivirus meets a runtime error
  2. Your Avast subscription is expired
  3. Incompatible Avast setup on the PC
  4. Registry files are not working
  5. Poor RAM or hard-disk space
  6. Another program is interrupting Avast antivirus 

Resolving Avast error code 16

Restart the Windows PC

Whenever your antivirus or any app shows an error code unexpectedly, restart the device. You can get the error when your Avast antivirus meets a runtime error. This error appears when a file stops working. You can fix the error by restarting the device. Go to your device and close the Avast application. If you have opened other apps; close them. Now restart the device and click on the Avast icon from the desktop. Tap on the Scan button and your Avast program will start scanning the device.

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Renew your Avast antivirus

Avast offers premium plans for Windows devices. If you have a paid Avast plan then check for a subscription. You can get errors when the subscription expires. Renew the subscription and your Avast will start working. If you don’t want to renew the Avast plan then switch to freeware. But you can only use the basic tools on Avast’s free plan. You will also get upgrades and other pop-ups from Avast.

How to get rid of Avast popups?

  1. Open your Avast antivirus and click on Menu
  2. Tap on Settings and go to General
  3. Hit on Notifications
  4. Tap on Silent Mode
  5. Click on the Confirm button 

Now you won’t receive pop-ups or notifications from Avast antivirus.

Install only compatible Avast setup on the system

You can get an error code after installing Avast when you have an incompatible setup. This problem mainly appears when the user is transferring an Avast license. You can transfer your active Avast license from one device to another. However, you can only transfer the license on the same interface. You can’t use the Avast plan for Windows on Mac devices. Check your Avast antivirus plan for resource requirements. If the application is not compatible with your device then get a compatible Avast plan for the system.

Repair your corrupted registry files

Your Avast program requires correct registry files to find the path. Without these files, your Avast program won’t work and start showing errors. Go to your device and repair these files. On Windows, run the Regedit command. Windows registry editor will appear. Select the corrupted Avast files and repair them. Before repairing, you should create the backup key. Copy the corrupted registry files and save them with the .reg extension. Now repair the corrupted Avast registry files and your Avast program will start working.

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Uninstall the conflicting application

If you are facing Avast error code 16 after installing a new application then remove it. Antivirus programs show errors when the user has installed a malicious app on the system. Whenever the user tries to run Avast; the malicious app starts corrupting it. You have to remove the malicious application as it can corrupt your crucial files and cause other damage. Uninstall the app and restart the device. Now run the Avast program and check for error code 16.

Free RAM and hard-disk space

Your Avast application needs some RAM space to run. If your device has poor RAM then it will only allow system software to run. Whenever you try to run your antivirus; error codes will appear. To fix the problem, increase the free RAM space on your device. Go to your device and check for all apps running in the background. Remove all unnecessary apps from the background and now try to run your Avast program. If your program is still showing errors then add RAM to your device. You should also check for free hard-disk space. If the space is low then add SSD or remove unnecessary apps or files from your device. 

If your Avast program is showing error code 16 then reinstall the application. Go to the Apps folder and remove the installed Avast setup. Now download the new Avast setup and install it on your device. Open your Avast program and now scan your device reliably.  


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