How to Spot a Fake Jordan 4

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How do you spot a fake jordan 4? Well, there are a few factors that you can look for to make sure you’re not buying a fake. First of all, a Travis Scott 4’s back has a unique paint splatter. This is a signature of the rapper La Flame and is a major clue to authenticity. Another important feature is whether or not the paint splatter covers the heel tab. If it doesn’t, then the shoes are probably a fake.

Air Jordan 4’s shortcomings

One of the most iconic basketball sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan 4 has some serious flaws. While it was made of premium materials, some of its shortcomings are glaring. For example, it lacks OG Nike Air branding on the heel. Despite that, the shoe still manages to stand out from the crowd, and it has been a consistent best-seller for Jordan Brand. Here are three ways to improve on the Air Jordan 4’s shortcomings.

The Air Jordan 3’s design lacked breathability and was too heavy, but the Air Jordan 4’s synthetic leather was more durable and cheaper than leather. It was also more customizable than its predecessors, with multiport lace locks and wings with extra holes on each side for different lace patterns. A unique feature of the shoe is its tongue, which has an upside-down “Air Jordan” written in it. To make it even more distinctive, flipping the tongue down will reveal the text.

Signs of a fake jordan 4

Checking the toe box is a very good way to spot a fake jordan 4. A real pair of shoes has a broader toe box with a lower curve than a replica shoes. Look for the proper shape, size, and material of the tongue. Also, look for an incorrect Jumpman label or a lack of stitching. If the shoe is not straight and has a yellow box, it is probably a fake.

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The insoles of a real Air Jordan 4 are much thicker than a fake. The threads should be close together, and not separated by a space. A fake one is thinner and will have holes that appear random on the insole. Also, check the threading. Real Air Jordan 4 insoles have 80% glue coverage, while a fake will have only 60 percent. The insoles of a fake jordan 4 will have uneven stitching on the top and bottom. Visit to buy a pair of fake jordan 4 in fair price.

Authenticity of a fake jordan 4

How do you tell if an Air Jordan 4 is a fake? One way is by checking the insoles. Real Air Jordans have a thin Jumpman logo, while fake ones have a thicker one. You can also spot fakes by looking for uneven stitching and crooked threads. Moreover, fake Air Jordan 4s will have a grainy or uneven sectioned strip.

The soles of the fake jordan 4 and the authentic are different. The authentic ones have larger square details, while replicas have smaller ones. You can also check the texture of the sole. The authentic one has a grainy sole, while fake ones have smooth ones. Also, you should pay attention to how well the leather is stitched. Authentic leather shoes have a rounded toe box, while fake ones have smooth ones.

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