Important Butchery Equipments You Need for Your Butchery

Butchery Equipments

This article talks about how individuals who want to venture into small butchery can do so with such basic tools. These tools are meant to ensure that the start of your butchery journey is smooth and a nice experience. We’ll be looking at five basic equipment, what they essentially do and how to ensure you get the best out of them.

You may be thinking about venturing into a simple butchery at your place. You will need a variety of equipment for this activity, depending on the amount and type of meat you want to work on. Nonetheless, there are tools that are widely regarded as essential for starters. This includes a steak knife, a bone saw, a boning knife, butcher steel, and an apron.

We’ll look into these listed items for now.

The steak knife

This tool enables you as a starting butcher to cut through huge chunks of meat with minimal effort. If you are looking into crushing and breaking an entire body of an animal, this type of knife is vital in your tool collection. The knives come in a variety of dimensions which you will choose as per your preference.

The bone knife

This tool is perhaps the most vital in your collection. Its primary use is to clear bones from your meat. Nonetheless, it is able to perform a lot more functions. It can be used for fish filleting and also in cutting and skinning. They are also available in a variety of dimensions. Also, be careful on the brand you choose. You could experiment so as to find which brand you find comfortable using.

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The boning saw

This type of tool depends on just how much you want to dip yourself into the adventure of butchering. You won’t really need it for the small butchering activity you may want to be involved in. This tool is a necessity when dealing with a huge body of an animal as it is able to slice through bones. 

They come in a variety of types whose prices also differ. After all, the butchery equipments prices in Kenya differ according to the type and brand. This tool will serve you a great deal of functions hence giving you the efficiency and reliability you need for huge butchery.

The butcher steel

This equipment is used to make sure the blade has its “edge.” It is often taken as a tool for sharpening the blade, which is wrong. The sharp edge of the blade usually tends to curl when it is used progressively. Using the butcher steel on it ensures that the edge that has lost shape gets to be straightened. 

Learning how to do this is very important as it will improve the life of your knife and also be able to operate more efficiently and safely. You won’t even need to have your knife frequently sharpened for it to work efficiently. This tool also comes in a variety of types and, consequently, prices.

An apron 

Aside from the tools needed to cut and slice meat, you also require protective equipment. An example of such is an apron, specifically a mesh apron. You’ll need it more when you are going to be doing a major butchery, and with speed. This is because these working conditions are where you are more likely to hurt yourself with a knife.

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I believe you have gathered enough knowledge on what you need for a start. As much as other picks may make your work easier, we would advise you to start with this list and venture into others once you know what you need. You will do okay with this equipment for now.