Inbound or Outbound Marketing 

Inbound or Outbound Marketing 
Inbound or Outbound Marketing 
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Email marketing is one of the most effective and valuable marketing strategies out there. All kinds of businesses use it to find new customers and achieve great results. 

To get email marketing for your business right, you’ll need to start with a solid email marketing strategy. Basically, there are two main types of email marketing: Outbound marketing & inbound marketing.

While outbound marketing uses traditional tactics to ‘push’ messages out to a broad audience, inbound marketing targets relevant audiences with online content to ‘pull’ them into the sales funnel. In this article, we have asked different entrepreneurs regarding the type of email marketing they prefer:

Inbound email marketing helps grab the attention of customers. It helps attract them by making content valuable. Good content in emails helps tailor the experience for the customers. Inbound marketing helps send emails to leads about the products they are interested in. This inbound process enables us to bring in more subscriptions. Discount codes for returning customers are an example of inbound email marketing.

Donnie Rand, Founder of American Association of Owner Operators, LLC

We use Inbound or pull marketing when we want to increase brand awareness or visibility. Outbound or push marketing is used when we have something new to promote to customers who may be currently unaware of our product but are ready to buy. 

Greg Rozdeba, President of Dundas Life

In my opinion, outbound email marketing is more effective. It has helped us reach a wider audience quickly. To make it more effective, we personalize the emails, which helps our customers connect with us. For our metrics, we check the efficiency of the emails with the CTR (click-through rate). We have always used this method of email marketing because the results have always been positive. 

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Joseph Counts, Founder of HiStylePicks

Inbound and outbound email marketing, both have been beneficial for my organization in achieving its marketing goals. However, outbound email marketing was a bit expensive for us, as we had to find new leads to send our content. This is why I had to choose inbound marketing as our preferred method, as we had an existing client list who had already shown interest in our brand, and we didn’t have to go out of the way to attract new clientele. We focused on our loyal customer base to get us through the tough times, who repaid our faith and did wonders for us.

I find inbound marketing to be far more effective than outbound. As an email marketer, I’ve found this approach better because the results are measurable, said Andrew Johnson, CEO of Prime Seamless

With the help of metrics like the email bounce rate, we have been able to improve our email content. There is a wide range of strategies with this approach, from sign-up popup windows to interactive email content. The success of these strategies can be reflected in the increase in the engagement rate and the sales made. The effectiveness of inbound tactics is unparalleled by other approaches. 

Perry Zheng, CEO & Founder of Cash Flow MarketPlace

Inbound email marketing helped my company to grow in size, as we were able to increase our sales numbers by creating a solid base of loyal customers.

Nicole Bolton, Founder of Iconic Celebrity Outfits

Inbound email marketing is more effective, in our opinion, for many reasons. One reason is that we already have a lot of information about customers, and it is easy to create content that appeals to them. It has also helped us strengthen our relationship with customers, and that gives us much hope that they will stick with us. When you create a relationship with your leads, there is a higher chance of conversion. Conversion rate does well for us in the case of inbound email marketing. 

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Jessica Shee, Senior Tech Manager of iBoysoft

There’s been an ongoing debate around inbound and outbound email marketing. Companies have to think long and hard about which strategy is best for them. Regardless of the arguments for both, the fact is that inbound marketing is much more effective. This is because of the nature of leads. In inbound marketing, leads come to you. This means they’re halfway down the road already. They intend to purchase a product. All you have to do is convince them to buy yours specifically. Conversions are much higher for inbound email campaigns. This makes them the superior strategy. 

Marcus Arcabascio, Founder of DMV Office

No doubt, the best marketing strategy for your business will be the one that works. When choosing the strategy, consider your business goals, customer base, product/ service offering, and of course, your budget.

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