India’s Gaming Market Set to Skyrocket to 8.6 Billion USD by 2027 with 5G and Cloud Tech Surge

The Indian gaming market is predicted to develop at a remarkable annual rate of 27% by 2027
India's Gaming Market Set to Skyrocket to 8.6 Billion USD by 2027 with 5G and Cloud Tech Surge
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Friday, 14 July 2023, Bengaluru, India

The Indian gaming market is predicted to develop at a remarkable annual rate of 27% by 2027, from an estimated $2.6 billion in FY2022. According to a recent analysis, some factors contributing to the gaming industry’s development include the widespread use of 5G technology, the emergence of cloud gaming, gamification trends, the popularity of esports events, and the growing use of mobile gaming devices. These figures were announced at the third “India Gaming Conclave 2023,” which also saw the publication of the State of India Gaming report.

The sector’s extraordinary recent expansion has made India one of the world’s largest gaming markets. Nitin Goel, the national manager for Gameloft’s India area, emphasized the unique qualities of the Indian market and expressed confidence in astute players’ ability to establish themselves and demonstrate which approaches work in this context.

Game developers have been actively looking for alternate forms of income outside of conventional commercials and in-game purchases, according to Gaurav Agarwal, Co-Founder of Gamezop. He said that by integrating their services, such as GameStop, Quizzop, Newszap, and Astrozap, developers had seen up to 40% longer session lengths and a twofold increase in lifetime value.

Senior Vice President of Reliance Games Ninad Chhaya voiced confidence in the gaming sector’s future, pointing to technical developments and the industry’s constantly growing worldwide audience. He claimed that with its immersive experiences, ground-breaking inventions, and limitless excitement, the gaming industry is positioned to reinvent what entertainment is. Recognizing the prospects it presents for gaming businesses and players globally, Chhaya stated his excitement about taking part in the India Gaming Conclave.

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India’s gaming sector will likely face a considerable transition due to the quick technological improvements and the anticipated implementation of 5G networks. Thanks to 5G’s seamless connectivity and lower latency, gamers will have a better gaming experience. Furthermore, cloud gaming enables users to enjoy top titles without spending money on expensive hardware. With these changes in place, India’s gaming industry is poised to grow remarkably and reaffirm its status as a gaming superpower worldwide.

The Indian gaming sector is expanding quickly thanks to developments, including rising smartphone usage, improved internet access, and the emergence of online gaming and esports. Due to the market’s young and tech-savvy populace, the industry offers substantial prospects for developers, investors, and game companies. However, overcoming legal obstacles and being aware of regional preferences and cultural quirks are essential for long-term success in the Indian gaming sector.

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