Introducing FINC: your Friend IN the City

Introducing FINC: your Friend IN the City
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When and how did we start?

 ” The GoFINC journey started in June 2017 with a sheer intention to simplify the lives of people. We both come from a software background and can absolutely understand what it takes to plan or take out extra time to arrange things in case of an event. It is really a nightmare to search for a genuine vendor online and it is not less than finding a needle in the ocean to get one as per your needs”, Says Mr. Yash Co-Founder Finc.


Our inspiration moment

One fine day, an intern came to our company from Germany. We expected a warm welcome and hospitality for our new guest in a model city like Bengaluru. But to our surprise, he struggled like anything to find even the basic of needs like accommodation, sim card etc. Since he was new to the place, he had no idea about anything and where/whom to go for his needs. Henceforth, the idea for an assistance based settlement solution popped up.

About our organization and journey

The life today is very busy and we have got so much to do. We, as your Friend IN the City, are committed to provide affordable assistance and quality services for your settlement. While you sit back and relax, we take up all your search and research work and give you most prominent and promising options.

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We started this dream with a small project and soon realized that we wanted to create something – a service, a product, some sort of business, we weren’t yet sure but that would add value to the world. Our idea inspired two of our close friends (Rajesh and Pratik), who are now a part of our core team. We wanted to earn money by doing something we enjoy.


It was the best thing that happened to me in my life and gave a lesson of a lifetime. In a startup, ‘YOU’ are everything. You have to be willing to start up and then do everything passionately. Here you are the designer, developer, tester, salesperson, marketing person and do whatever it takes to connect with, and make a solid impression on the right people called “customers”. Work as hard as you possibly can by providing exceptional services that exceed your clients’ expectations every single time.


Challenges and Opportunities

Being new in the market, gaining the trust of the prospective new clients and keeping the trust of your current clients was the most challenging part of our journey. Also, while adding up new vendors we have to be careful about their authenticity and availability for the customers’ demand.


Most importantly, we must convince ourselves that life-changing opportunities will never merely “fall into our lap”. You have to have that ‘unique’ feature that makes you stand out from the crowd and work as hard as you possibly can to convince others that you’re worth their time and money. We have designed assistance based unique packages to provide a one-stop solution to customers’ be it Grih Pravesh, Marriage or Birthday, considering their need and budget.

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Birthday Package

Marriage Package


A quote from the founder on the journey, or dealing with the challenge, or any inspiring moment.

If you are passionate about something, Do it now. Its better than saying ‘I wish I had'(Kaash) later.

Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

Starting up entails doing every job passionately rather than limiting oneself to one’s passion. Analyse what major problems exist at present and the reasons why available market solutions don’t actually solve those problems.

If you match the value you deliver with the amount of money you charge then it’s entirely possible to start earning “big bucks” in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re a growing business or a budding entrepreneur, you must consistently over-deliver to your clients.

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