iPhone X Screen Repair – An FAQ Guide For iPhone X Users & iPhone Enthusiasts

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iPhones are a costly affair and no wonder people shy away from gimmicking others to get into the Apple cult despite all the zesty pressures from left, right, and center. Without iPhones, life’s a little dull though and that’s because it is something that’s nothing like the other Android devices available in the market. So, what’s stopping people, especially the Indian market, from getting into the Apple segment? Well, it’s more than the cost of the device. It is about the replacement parts, which are not easier to find at the right price. But that has changed and there are trustworthy partners you can go to for all your iOS repairs, such as the most-demandediPhone X screen repair. There are plenty of issues with the iPhone X model, such as the iPhone X green line appearance on the display over a period of time. But let’s start with the basics.


All about iPhone X – What Are the Specs?

iPhone X was the first model that Apple launched replacing the whole design concept of LCD frame & home button-based devices (till iPhone 8) and making OLED as standard definition for full screen high dynamic range (HDR) Displays. OLED Displays are far better in their resolution and pixel rates as compared to LCDs. Now, this also makes it expensive to replace an OLED display compared to traditional LCD.


What Are the iPhone X Screen Replacement Options Available In The Market?

To be honest, there are multiple variants that have evolved over a period of time for OLED Displays. Firstly, let’s understand that Apple’s original OLED Display for iPhone X is going to be the best fit given its originality and performance. Secondly, there are refurbished options available too for iPhone Screen Replacement. Refurbished Displays are nothing but one or more components such as Digitizer, OLED Panel etc. changed / replaced on the original display. Because the actual OLED and IC remain the same, their functionality is at par with Original OLED Displays. Third option available after iPhone repair is aftermarket and trust, there are many variants in aftermarket OLED displays but majorly they are categorized between Hard and Soft OLED. Due to the high burn rate in Hard OLED Displays, tech consumers prefer Soft OLED. They are pretty consistent in their quality too

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So, how is it done? Let’s cut straight to the chase to read some of the FAQs around iPhone X screen repair and other details, which are inquired about the most online. Let’s go:

  1. What Is the Average iPhone X Screen Replacement Cost?

If we’re talking about the prices, Apple’s original iPhone X screen repair price at Authorized Apple Service Center comes to INR 25000, which gives you a standard screen replacement with a warranty of 3 months.

Similarly, getting the refurbished and OEM quality iPhone X screen repair will cost you anywhere between INR 12,000 to 15,000 and their warranty terms vary from supplier to supplier. Many offer no warranty at all but some offer 6 months. Lastly, the cheapest option available is the range of Aftermarket OLED displays that will cost you anywhere between INR 8000 to 12,000. About the warranty – we cannot be really sure, it is each with their own deal on warranty and other such wants alongside.

  • What Is The iPhone X Green Screen Fix?

Display issues in mobile devices are often dealt with by managing some screen options and display features. With that said, you can try making some adjustments on your iPhone X display features including screen brightness, true tone, auto-lock and other relevant options. How to fix green lines on iPhone screen is probably one of the most asked questions around iPhone X. You can try taking these precautions before appearing before a professional.

The green line on iPhone screen can appear due to a variety of reasons, most include applying brute force and unnecessary pressure on the iPhone X screen. These reasons can be:

  1. An Accidental Drop – first and foremost an accidental drop causing damage to the screen or other parts of the iPhone X device. The drop can also cause a hardware effect, which in turn can cause such a problem.
  2. iOS System Glitches – if the green line on the iPhone X screen is thick that means high voltage is flowing in multiple rows of pixels, thus causing a thick green line on the screen.
  3. Application Conflicts and Bugs – though highly unlikely, some bugs can also cause this issue though the line appearing may not be as thick as shown in the picture below.
  4. Physical Damage to The Driver Circuit – a damage to the iPhone X driver circuit can also cause this issue.
  1. Manage Display Settings
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You can begin to address thegreen line on the iPhone screen problem by adjusting your iPhone X device’s brightness.

To do that

Turn to Settings > Display & Brightness > Drag the Brightness Slider

Alternatively, you can enable the auto-brightness feature on your iPhone X to try a bypass option for the iPhone line green line fix.

To do that

Turn to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations Menu. Here you can select the true tone option to avoid burn-in of your device. 

  • Turn On/Off to Revert To General Mode

Before going to further complicated options for youriPhone repair, you must try turning your device off or simply restarting it. Most of the time, the glitches that exist die down and do not re-appear once this option comes to play.

  • Avoid Burn-In Issues with Sleep Time

While screen burn-in can be deemed a permanent issue, it could also be an extreme case of image retention which can potentially be dealt with by turning off the phone for some time (about 30 minutes to begin with), and then turning it back on. These burn-in issues can cause permanent damage to your mobile’s screen and you can also avoid this problem by reducing your device’s sleep time to 10 seconds or 20 seconds from 30 seconds or 1 minute. This may not solve theiPhone X green screen problem completely but will help avoid other such issues.

  • Reset All Settings

What will the reset option offer? Well, it will clear any customized settings that somehow triggered screen burn-in, green lines, and other such odd-coloring issues on your device.

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To do so

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Select ‘Reset All’ option. If prompted, you might have to insert your device’s passcode to be able to pull off this function.

  • What Is The Rapid Repair Process?

Where Apple repairs can be costly and most service centers aren’t trustworthy, the Rapid Repair process is up to the mark and all that’s needed for the optimum iPhone X screen repair process. Trusting RR process gives you the following advantages:

  1. Genuine Parts – yes! With rapid repair, you get genuine OEM parts that are reliable and come with lifetime warranty. Unheard by market standards? We know, right? Get complete peace of mind when you turn to Rapid Repair and get your iPhone X screen replacementdone with a sorted future, with your device guaranteed.
  2. Fastest Repairs – you can take the test and compare it to other repair services around you. RR guarantees the fastest repair service including pickup from your doorsteps.
  3. Spare Device – you cannot stop working due to a damaged device. That’s why we give you a spare device (iPhone only) to work or chat with your friends until your original device is under maintenance with the expert technicians. So it’s like someone picked up your damaged phone while providing a spare one in addition. Amazing! Isn’t it?
  4. Diagnostic Report – yes, just like your doctor provides a diagnostic report of your body post checkup, RR provides a report of what went wrong with your screen or other part and how they were able to shape your phone back to factory settings.

These are some of the FAQs around iPhone X screen repair which can be helpful for you. For other issues, iOS update and the latest information on everything iPhones, iPads, and MacBook you can visit the experts.

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