Is Alcohol Allowed On The DelMar Boat Charters?

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Before you book a boat charter, it is important to understand whether or not alcohol is allowed. Beer and soft drinks are fine, but hard liquor is not permitted. Online bookings require a deposit, and the balance is due on the day of the charter.


DelMar Boat Charters offers a unique boat charter experience that’s both fun and relaxing. Their party boats are fully-equipped for any occasion and feature room for a large number of people. In addition to providing a great atmosphere, the boats offer plenty of amenities to make everyone feel welcome, including a 50-quart cooler, propane BBQ grill, and sound system. Some boats even have a waterslide.

Del Mar Boat Charters also offers fishing trips, including a trip to Mexico. The trip cost includes licenses, tackle, bait, and the cleaning and filleting of your catch. They specialize in targeting Rock Bass, Black Seabass, and Triggerfish, though they also target other species. They also provide beer, snacks, and locally prepared burritos for their guests.


The cost of alcohol on DelMar Charters  varies depending on the tour. Most of these boats allow guests to bring their own beverages as long as they drink responsibly and the driver does not drink and drive. Some charters provide a 50-quart cooler, a propane BBQ grill, sound system, and even a waterslide. You can also bring your own food and beverages to share.


Alcohol is a problem in many aspects of business and society, including sailing. While some yachts are “dry” or “alcohol-free,” many captains have written policies stating that intoxicated crew members are not allowed on the yacht. Captains, who may feel like parents to their crew, are often shocked and surprised when intoxicated crew members turn on them or threaten them. In one case, a drunken deckhand nearly raped his owner, who then fired him and repatriated him.

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Alcohol is allowed on DelMar Boat Charters crew, but only during designated times. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on board while the boat is underway or in port. However, guests can pay for beverages on board. You can find more information on the company’s website and in each quote. A two-set linen is provided for every cabin, and meals consist of two or three courses.

Safety equipment

Safety equipment is a vital part of any boating trip. DelMar Boat Charters provides all necessary safety equipment on board. The boat is outfitted with a personal flotation device, also known as a PFD, for every person on board. These devices are often made of a ring buoy, a cushion, or other device. A PFD is also mandatory for kids under twelve.

Different types of boats require different safety equipment. Check the Boater’s Guide to Federal Requirements for Recreational Boats for a list of federal and state requirements. Your local regulations may have additional requirements. Also, make sure to pack a set of first aid supplies.

Staff at the harbor

DelMar Charters Charleston has a variety of boating experiences available for rent. They offer 42-foot catamarans and 30-foot speed boats for rent. These boats are equipped with a fishing license and can take as many as 20 passengers on board. They also offer kayak rentals and Bird Island trips.

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