Is Driving Without Insurance a Criminal Offence?

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Driving without insurance is not directly recognized as a criminal offence in Canada. However, such action is not permitted and goes against the country’s legal system. For violation of legal rules by driving without insurance imposes a penalty on the individual.

Moreover, uninsured vehicles are more often involved in a road accidents than insured transportation. Therefore, driving without insurance shouldn’t be done in any way.

Let’s know details if you drive a car without issuing insurance. Also, learn all further consequences of such conduct from this writing.

What Type of Offence Driving Without Insurance Is?

Driving vehicles without insurance is absolutely a prohibitory conduct under Ontario’s Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. For doing such behaviour, you will be held liable for breaking the general roles of traffic laws in Canada.

Furthermore, committing this offence is against the state of policy and a violation of existing specific law. Hence, the consequences of that offence bring a particular fine. However, the fine depends on the gravity of the offence.

After all, if you commit any criminal offence by an uninsured vehicle, that will be considered a criminal offence.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance?

If you commit such an offence, you will be held to pay monetary compensation. Here, you will be liable to pay $5000 -$25000 on a first-time offence. According to the law, in the case of a repetitive violation, the compensation money will become double the previous offence.

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Apart from monetary compensation, more penalties come against you as per bellows:

  • Driving permission might suspend and seizure of driving license for up to one year. 
  • The duty police officer will take the vehicle under his custody for a couple of months. 
  • You will have to pay more money to get back the vehicle.

The payable compensation and penalty ratio depends on the nature of your offence. If the gravity offence is lower, the penalty will be lower. Alternatively, major faults earn more considerable compensation.

One more thing is that the penalties should not be the only cause of giving up such conduct. You must obey the legal system of your country out of respect.

Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

Driving without insurance is a punishable offence in Canada. Under ‘The Motor vehicle Act’ of S (24), such crime earns a penalty of $250 of monetary compensation or 3 months of imprisonment.

Always avoid driving without insurance, even if you are in an emergency. Although uninsured driving isn’t a major crime, that is very dangerous and quite alarming. A study suggests that more than 2% of uninsured cars commit road accidents in Canada.

Committing an Accident While Driving Without Insurance?

If someone commits an intentional accident while driving, that will be a criminal offence. The person will pay the penalty to minimize the damage caused by the offence.

Even if you conduct such an insured situation, an accident will punish you. So you cannot ignore the liability. Legal actions will come based on the gravity of the criminal offence.

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However, the proof of intention behind the accident is the main issue. Therefore, drive very carefully, with or without insurance.


Driving without insurance is always avoidable. According to your legal system, whether lawful or unlawful, such dangerous conduct leads to significant crimes. Moreover, driving with insurance reduces the penalties and saves you from further punishments.


See the list of essential queries on this topic with a proper explanation.

How to Get insurance for a drive In Canada?

If you are a non-resident, apply for them on your specified quota to register insurance. Consequently, natives can use the government web portal. Native citizens have no alternatives except to issue insurance.

Is Driving Without Insurance Illegal in Canada?

Driving without insurance is not a direct sub-matter of a criminal offence. Under Ontario’s ‘Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, such conduct is not permissible.’

Can Police Check Insurance Details?

Yes, Police have the permission to check the insurance of any individual. They can quickly check the status using automatic number plate recognition cameras. Instantly, a details view comes in front of them.

Can you get an Arrest for Driving Without Insurance?

The chances of arresting for driving without insurance are low because it is not a cognizable offence. You will not face any arrest warrant unless you have committed any criminal offence.