Is Hi88 a scam? The truth behind this rumor


The online betting market is currently facing a lot of problems. In particular, the fact that many new bookmakers have sprouted up with the aim of scamming from players is still quite a lot. Hence, there are some rumors said that the Hi88 bookie has cheated their players. Is it true or not? Let us answer this question by the article below.


The real story of Hi88’s scam

About Hi88

Hi88 is the leading and prestigious bookmaker in Asia with a lot of outstanding features compared to other bookies on the market. This bookie gives players a sense of professionalism and dedication. In addition to a huge store of games, Hi88 has also created a system with multi-platform features. Therefore, players can experience their favourite games on different devices such as computers, phones and tablets anywhere they want. Lastly, this bookie is also an attractive betting address with many continuous promotions for players.

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Does Hi88 really cheat on their players?

Although Hi88 is a reputable and famous bookie in the market, Hi88 is still often involved in many rumors of cheating players. But, the fact is, our bookie has never involved on any act of cheating customers. We are licensed to operate legally from the government of Costa Rica and is certified to be a safe bookmaker by the world gaming and entertainment organization.

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In addition, we also receive many fair and positive reviews from our loyal customers. In addition to a modern system and innovative features, we always ensure an absolute safety in terms of information for all of our customers. So, when anyone wants to participate in betting at Hi88, he/she can be entirely assured to enjoy all the games here without worrying about anything.


Is Hi88 a scam?

Mistakes when thinking that Hi88 is a scam house

There are also many objective reasons from players to think that Hi88 website is a scam. Let us point out the misunderstandings that players have encountered.

Players believe that the website is down during system maintenance

Hi88 is a bookie that truly cares about the optimized customer experience. Therefore, the platform will be constantly upgraded to improve the overall serving quality. Therefore, when players log in to the Hi88 Website and see a maintenance notice, that is the time the system is being upgraded.

Of course, when you can’t access your account which is containing a lot of your money, players will think that the house is collapsing or making some cheatings on their account. However, the above thought is extremely wrong because this is simply the pause moment for upgrading some new useful features for users.

Players access fake links

Another case that players often encounter is accessing fake, unofficial links of some scammers. Instead of accessing the official link of Hi88, you have accessed a nearly same link and open a chance of being cheated by a hacker. Understand this, fake addresses will lure players to deposit money and then steal them all, there are no chance to get them back. Therefore, before registering an account at Hi88 bookie, please read carefully to remember the official link of the game portal to avoid losing money unfairly.

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Hi88 – the leading reputable online bookmaker

Accessing the website when the link is broken or blocked

Currently, online betting is not yet legally allowed by Vietnamese government. So a lot of the links of Hi88 are blocked by the Internet providers. This makes it difficult for players to log in to their account and start betting. Therefore, the player thinks that the bookie has collapsed and cheats on him.

Nonetheless, there are still many extra links of Hi88 to help you access the webstie normally. Therefore, players need to learn carefully and watch out for extra links in case the official link is blocked.

Hi88 official registration link: https://hi88bets.com/

Above is the truth about whether the Hi88 dealer is a scam or not. We are pretty sure that until now, you have already had your own answer, right? It can be seen that this bookie is one of the most reputable betting addresses on the global market today so there is no reason to worry when playing in here. Hope you will have many wonderful and interesting moments at Hi88 as well as always contain the best luck to make a fortune.

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