Islamabad will be a sea of people for just one demand: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has called on Pakistanis to prepare for the long march to Islamabad. He said he would announce the final date of the long march after May 20. News Dawn.


Imran Khan made the remarks at a rally in his hometown of Mianwali on Friday. He said that only one demand would turn the capital into a sea of ​​people, that is ‘election’.

The former prime minister said, “Let the people decide who will run the country. We will not accept any government that imports. ‘

Addressing the leaders and workers, the PTI chairman said that their long march could not be stopped by placing containers on the way. Home Minister Rana Sanaullah will not be able to stop the long march. Imran Khan also promised that the nation would not bow down to anyone while he was alive.

After yesterday’s rally, the PTI chairman will hold five more rallies in different parts of the country by May 20. The first assembly will be in Jhelum. The last rally will be on May 19 in Chakwal.

Imran Khan has been holding one rally after another across the country since he was ousted on April 9 in a no-confidence vote in the National Assembly. He has been claiming that there was a ‘foreign conspiracy’ behind these rallies to oust the PTI government. At the same time, the PTI chairman promised to hold new elections within three months.

Referring to the accident of PTI leader and his former aide Shahbaz Gill, the former prime minister said he was warning the government. If any PTI worker is touched in the future, he will blame the ‘Three Stooges and those who run them’. He referred to the three coalition leaders as the “Three Stooges”.

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Imran Khan said, “I urge my sisters, brothers, youth and mothers to come to Islamabad. Because, it is a matter of Pakistan. I want everyone to come to Islamabad to tell the foot-lickers that slavery and imported government will not be accepted; Let’s have a quick election. ‘

The ousted Prime Minister further said that the people will decide who will form the government; Not the United States.