IT Companies in Kerala
IT Companies in Kerala

Top 10 IT Companies in Kerala

This post was most recently updated on November 29th, 2021

 In the current world, we can’t even imagine a world without information technology. IT has revolutionized the daily lives of people by helping them to connect with each other and attain new information about the world. IT has. IT is the backbone of any business that wants great success today and has become a reason for innovation in all industries. IT companies are those companies that provide information technology services like technical support, server management, IT training hardware and networking, computer and accessories sales, etc.

In today’s business atmosphere IT companies have a key role and many businesses look for help to manage their IT services. If you are looking for the top 10 IT companies in Kerala here you are incorrect place. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 IT companies in Kerala. Check the list below.

List of Top 10 IT Companies in Kerala

1Experion technologies2006https://www.experionglobal.com/
2Alokin software Pvt. Ltd2011http://www.alokin.in/
3Apsa IT2011http://www.apsalt.com/
4Collabera enterprise software solutions Pvt.Ltd2017https://www.collabera.com/
5E team information India Pvt. Ltd2001https://www.gruppozenit.com/
7Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd2000https://www.kamedainfologics.net/career
8White oval technologies Pvt. Ltd2009http://www.whiteovaltechnologies.com/
9Hi worth solutions2011https://hiworthsolutions.com/
10iROID technologies2015https://www.iroidtechnologies.com/service/it-company-in-kochi

1.Experion technologies

Experion Technologies is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in 2006. This IT Company builds digital software solutions and products for large enterprises as well as fast-growing early-age stage companies. Experion Technologies is expertise in enterprise software development, product engineering, digital transformation, and start-up IT. Experion technologies delivered digital software solutions and services to clients in health care, technology, transportation, retail, logistics, financial services, and more.

Their clients include Bacardi, Tyson foods, Aditya Birla, Astra Zeneca, City group, Top golf, Shell, Tyson foods, Co star group, guardian health care, Aecom, Athos group, etc. Experion technologies specialized in robotics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, custom software development, software development, mobile application, and more. They have a great passion to bring integrity, professional competence, customer empathy, punctuality, and respect for individuals. They have offices in 9 locations including us, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. They have 300+ trusted customers and 1000+ employees. 

2.Alokin software Pvt.Ltd

Alokin software Pvt. Ltd is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala incorporated in 2011 as a limited liability company. Alokin software Pvt. Ltd began as a consulting company in 2003 soon moved to technopark technical business incubator program (TBI) with the support of the entrepreneurship development cell of Kerala. They believe in integrity, reliability, hard work, teamwork, and attitude. Alokin software Pvt. Ltd provides IT consultancy and R&D service to leading companies around the globe.

They are expertise in software development, user experience design; computing & web services, and architecture specializing in software development across web, mobile & desktop environments. They also create turnkey solutions in e-governance, language computing, library, information sciences, and semantic web and knowledge bases. Alokin software Pvt. Ltd has the vision to accelerate the growth of communication and industries through innovative technology solutions. They have trusted partnerships with leading brands with innovative products in various industries.

They are working to attain their mission is to provide authentic learning experiences to their team members while helping society to advance through technology.

 3. Apsa IT

Apsa IT is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in2011 and headquartered in Trivandrum. They started their journey with an objective to provide IT infrastructure management services across the globe. They are experts in areas of software development, web designing, mobile applications, and e-commerce solutions. Apsa IT is always committed to achieving consistent reliability, efficiency, and performance of the products & services. Apsa IT integrates skills with customer requirements to achieve desirable results. 

Apsa IT ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction solutions at affordable prices. They are trying to expand their services into other major countries. This company has the vision to become a global software company through innovative technology, helping companies maximize their business dreams. They provide services including web development, design solutions, application development, enterprise resource planning, e-commerce, social media promotions, device monitoring system, and more.

Their clients include Keltron, Grand shopping festival, Kerala agro-food products, Kerafed, SAANCH, IT partner, Agro industries, Creek tours international architects, and more.

4. Collabera enterprise software solutions pvt.ltd

Collabera enterprise software solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Trivandrum-based IT Company registered in 2017. They have made a name for itself in the list of the top service provider in India. It is the fast-growing end-to-end information technology services and solution provider working with globally leading 2000 organizations from the banking and financial services, telecommunication & media, technology, energy &utilities, and manufacturing & retail domains.

They provide services including consulting and application services, enterprise software solutions, engineering solutions, infrastructure services, and professional services. Speed, quality flexibility, and a human-centric approach are making the company unique from others. They serve innovative talent solutions with 24/7 support. They are passionate about work, teams, and goals. They are insanely competitive, push hard, perform better and create lasting impact. 

5. E – team information India pvt.ltd

E team information India Pvt. Ltd is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in 2001 as a division of Gruppo Zenith, Italy. It has consistent in the industry by providing software, IT, digital communication consulting and outsourcing solutions, database administration, infrastructure management & monitoring services.

E team information India Pvt. Ltd is continually exploring the new technologies’ easy integration with customer requirements by using JAVA, TSP, visual basic, ASP.Net, eVB Navision & Axapta ERP. Their aim is not just to provide professional service but in becoming a one-stop vendor & reliable partner. 


Geotrans is a new generation IT service provider since 2005 and is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala. They specialize in a wide range of GIS and IT services including GIS & image processing, Agri mapping & intelligence, flood modeling, data & information, statics & dashboards, survey, and map creation. They are a leading figure in the global IT space that offers services in the UK, Middle East, and Asia.

they offer services in areas of  SAP, SAP-GIS integrated solutions, IT application development, GIS services like business geographic, health geographic & AVLS, database management, etc. Geotrans has a mission of empowering clients to make informed decisions quickly and effectively. Offer cutting edge GIS, mapping integrated IT solutions to a wide variety of industries. 

Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd

Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala headquartered at Trivandrum founded in 2000. It is the dominant force in the health care industry for several decades. They want to develop state-of-art software products specializing in health care management. Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd provides services including IT consulting, IT infrastructure, and software support.

Support over 5000+ health Care sites with their health care products and solutions across the globe.  They have the vision to be a global leader in the digital transformation of the health care ecosystem. Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd Works for a mission to save lives, improve access to affordable and quality care through innovative use of IT.

White oval technologies Pvt. Ltd

White oval Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in 2009 and a pioneer in the field of web & mobile application development communication. They are functioning from two development centers in Kerala. They offer unique products and services for small to big-sized businesses. White oval Technologies Pvt. Ltd Serve industries including educational institutions, medical institutions, and corporate companies, etc around the world.

White oval Technologies Pvt. Ltd Helps companies to achieve their needs and IT-related goals and ensures efficiency in the day-to-day. White oval Technologies Pvt. Ltd Has the vision to become one of the world-leading companies in mobile and web application development provide quality products and services to their clients ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction at a cost-effective price. They have a team of technically proficient and highly skilled professionals. They believe in working together as a team adds value to the projects & solutions they provide. They are Expertise in product engineering, mobility solution, and strategic partnering. 

Hi worth solutions 

Hi worth solutions is one of the recognized IT companies among the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in 2011. It is pure Play IT service provider that manufactures, supplies, and wholesale dealer of computers.  This company specializes in custom application development across the web & mobile phone technology.

They are a team with an immense track record in some of the major organizations around the world. Hi worth solutions provide services including mobile application development, web technology, IT services, e-commerce social media management services to both local and international clients.

iROID technologies

iROID technologies is one of the top 10 IT companies in Kerala founded in 2015 providing custom IT solutions for different varieties of business needs. iROID technologies Provide services including game development, CMS development, IOT development, UI/UX design, custom software development, and more.  iROID technologies have highly experienced experts dedicated to providing total IT solutions under one roof.

Maintain the latest technology and offers the greatest customized solutions. High performance & speed, advanced security & scalability, comprehensive search engine optimization, responsiveness, well design are some specialties of iROID technologies. They are well known for their strong focus on customization and incorporation of business together. They Serve industries including logistics & transportation, travel &tourism, health care, retail & e-commerce, banking & finance, and media and entertainment.

FAQ’s about Top 10 IT companies in Kerala

What is an IT company?

An IT company is a company that provides IT services including technical support, server management, IT training hardware and networking, computer and accessories sales etc to businesses. 

What are the common services of IT companies?

IT counseling, cyber security services, cloud services, web hosting, help desk IT services, network security, data storage and management, and more

What are the primary functions of IT companies?




What are the types of IT companies?

Service-based companies

Product-based companies

Which country is best in IT sector?


Which is the No one IT Company in the world?

Currently, No one IT Company in the world is IBM.

Which is the IT hub of the world?

Silicon Valley remains the IT hub of the world

What are the aims behind utilizing IT services?

To optimize operational efficiency, asset a business in tackling challenges related to technological implementation, ensure networks are running optimally, secure the data &enable a smooth IT environment.

Which are the top 10 IT companies in Kerala?

Experion technologies

Alokin software Pvt. Ltd

Apsa IT

Collabera enterprise software solutions Pvt.Ltd

E team information India Pvt. Ltd


Kameda info logics Pvt. Ltd

White oval Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Hi worth solutions

iROID technologies


Information technology is fast growing and expanding with new technologies every day. So, IT companies are also growing fast than other industries. There are several IT companies in Kerala that offers various levels of it services to multiple sectors. If you are looking for the best IT Company for your business here we will help you with the list of top 10 IT companies in Kerala. According to us, these are the best IT companies in Kerala.



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